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Intermission Art

Mr. Yaji and Mowamowa: Hug Bugs

One day, Mr. Yaji goes to pet Mowamowa as usual and give her a big hug. However, he was given a nasty surprise: a sharp bite from Talyxian bugs! While the comic is titled "Hug Bugs", they don't have an actual name other than simply "bugs".

Mowamowa was outside earlier in the day, leading to her being exposed to a variety of pests. These creatures hitched a ride in her fur without her ever being aware of her unwanted passengers.

This comic is merely a random scene from daily life on Planet Tal and should be taken lightly, though it does carry a lesson of its own: next time you visit the city of Gold Ring, be aware that it is quite risky to touch cats with your bare hands without first washing or grooming them with a comb — especially if they were outside earlier!

Note: in the second panel there is a calendar hanging on the wall with text that reads "Month 14". While this may seem like an interesting glimpse into the world of Vilous, please keep in mind that these "Daily Life" comics were created around 2014 and released on Mick's twitter as her personal fun doodles. Thus, the visual information might not be strictly adherent current canon. While Tal is an alien planet and certainly may have more than 12 months compared to our Earthly calendar, it is not yet known how many days are in a year, or how those days are divided up into months.

Latest News

Sat Nov 25, 2017 - Vilous Physical Sticker by Kiki On Sale!

Hello Fans!
We're happy to announce that Kiki has new merchandise back in stock featuring lovely Vilous physical stickers such as General Rain, The Fluffy, Bakku & Ged and many more, available for purchase now over at Kiki's Etsy~! Check them out!

About this sticker, Anix and Dasaki funded high prices to the donation for this sticker project. For person who funded high prices, Kiki presented the reward that one's Vilous sona become and be included to this sticker merchandise! Great gratitude to all fans!

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