The World of Vilous

Vilous is a fantasy and science fiction world created by the Japanese artist Mick in close collaboration of her friend Kiki, herself a Japanese artist.

It is populated by wondrous creatures and a strange flora, with sentient species of different origin interacting with one another. Its lore has evolved over time, each time with more modern technology. Information on the world's canon both new and old is available in the Vilous Wiki. The wiki is in the process of being updated, but for now, why not start with a complete and updated article like sergals?

This is the main hub for fans of all things Vilous, like sergals, to communicate with the world's creator Mick as well as her close collaborators Kiki and members of Vilous team. We are the team they gathered from the English-speaking world to help them communicate with western fans and spread information about their world.

This is the first version of the website. We will add information gradually as it comes. Please or send us a tweet with suggestions and comments.

If you want to ask Mick a question directly, please do so through our contact address as well. You should know that while she can't answer or read every message, we will read them, and we will forward anything important to her.

The team

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