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Intermission Art

Intermission Art #2

This young Agudner is gathering seaweed at the coast of Saltwater Lake ColVilous. His elder brother has found him and is about to say, "Hey there! Are you doing an errand for Mom?"

Any ingredients found naturally in the Eltus biomes are considered the highest grade foods for Eltus people. Among other things, algae, seaweed, and fish are farmed in Salt Lake ColVilous. Water of Salt Lake ColVilous is very saline, and there is a high concentration of other minerals in the water and the soil of the Sailzane desert region. Eltus people can use this water as drinking water by diluting or filtering it. Because Eltus plants prefer salt, then Eltus biome algae and seaweed are actively cultivated in coastal places.

Latest News

Mon Feb 05, 2018 - [Announcement] Episode 4 Schedule Change

Hey there, Vilous Fans!

In order to better facilitate the smooth release of Episode 4, there has been a slight schedule change for this month to the episode postings.

The dates are as follows : 8, 13, 18, 23 and 28 of February, respectively!

The dates of this month are as follows : 8, 13, 18, 23 and 28.

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