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April Fools 2017

Happy April Fool's Day! We are pleased to feature guest artist Flam and this adorable joke comic!

Kadd, an officer in General Rain's Clan Shigu army, is responsible for many Northern sergal soldiers. As seen in the Dark Clouds of the Shigu manga, these two bumbling minions are no exception. Nicknamed "Yip" and "Yap" by fans due to their simplistic vocabulary, they have caused many headaches for poor Kadd!

Please note that this is scene is non-canon.

Latest News

Fri Aug 04, 2017 - Creature Spotlight: Talyxian Weasels on Kiki Patreon

Talyxian weasels, the terrible and dangerous creatures that thrive on Planet Tal, have been featured heavily in the last few pages of the Vilous manga. While there is some basic facts about them in the official Vilous Wiki, recently even more information about their biology and life cycle has been released by Kiki-UMA on her Patreon page!

For those that are new, Kiki is the co-creator of the World of Vilous. A close friend to Mick39, she is heavily responsible for the world-building and storylines — including the manga that you all have been enjoying!

If you enjoy reading more about the world of Vilous and the official Vilous Wiki, please consider checking out Kiki's Patreon page! There you will find sneak peeks at concept art and early access to new lore facts! Asking prices for these rewards are quite affordable, so let's all support Kiki so she can continue to bring us all more of the world of Vilous!

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