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Holiday Comics

April Fools 2017

Happy April Fool's Day! We are pleased to feature guest artist Flam and this adorable joke comic!

Kadd, an officer in General Rain's Clan Shigu army, is responsible for many Northern sergal soldiers. As seen in the Dark Clouds of the Shigu manga, these two bumbling minions are no exception. Nicknamed "Yip" and "Yap" by fans due to their simplistic vocabulary, they have caused many headaches for poor Kadd!

Please note that this is scene is non-canon.

Latest News

Sat Nov 25, 2017 - Vilous Physical Sticker by Kiki On Sale!

Hello Fans!
We're happy to announce that Kiki has new merchandise back in stock featuring lovely Vilous physical stickers such as General Rain, The Fluffy, Bakku & Ged and many more, available for purchase now over at Kiki's Etsy~! Check them out!

About this sticker, Anix and Dasaki funded high prices to the donation for this sticker project. For person who funded high prices, Kiki presented the reward that one's Vilous sona become and be included to this sticker merchandise! Great gratitude to all fans!

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