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Intermission Art

Daily Life of Gold Ring - Mowamowa goes the Hospital Page 3

Mowamowa suddenly felt very uncomfortable and bristles up during the hospital consultation, issuing her unique and characteristic "kfff" hiss to signal her displeasure. Thankfully, Dr. Nao is very calm and nothing seems to ruffle him.

Dr. Nao deploys a "mysterious and interesting cube", which effectively acts as a distraction toy to calm the excited Talyxian-Stalker down. Mowamowa rapidly loses her uneasy feelings, paying attention to it and instead of the fact that she was in a hospital examination room! This made it much easier for the T-Rooter and his nevrean assistant to examine her.

Meanwhile, Mr. Yaji is perplexed by how Dr. Nao was able to use some strange cube to calm the excited kitten down, so he simply praises the Talyxian-Rooter. Mr. Yaji is a typical sergal that is rather carefree about things like this, and is happy to leave such mysterious things to the capable doctor.

Upon close inspection, Dr. Nao concludes that Mowamowa's scabs don't appear to be a serious affliction and in fact is nearly fully healed. But to be safe, Dr. Nao suspects the possibility of the little kitten having a disease known as deovi. Deovi is a kind of fungal infection similar to ringworm on Earth, also known as tinea — the cause of Athlete's foot. Dr. Nao collects a sample for analysis.

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Sat Nov 25, 2017 - Vilous Physical Sticker by Kiki On Sale!

Hello Fans!
We're happy to announce that Kiki has new merchandise back in stock featuring lovely Vilous physical stickers such as General Rain, The Fluffy, Bakku & Ged and many more, available for purchase now over at Kiki's Etsy~! Check them out!

About this sticker, Anix and Dasaki funded high prices to the donation for this sticker project. For person who funded high prices, Kiki presented the reward that one's Vilous sona become and be included to this sticker merchandise! Great gratitude to all fans!

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