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Intermission Art

Happy Birthday Mowamowa!

Today's update, we're very happy to share this wonderful gift to Mick Ono, from Maplesquid with great artwork by Raesheris

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31st of December is typically a special occasion for many people as it generally paves the way towards the New Year. On this joyous occasion one might also find that it marks the birthday of Mick Ono, creator of Vilous and the many wonderful works of art which we all enjoy.

In this Vilous-themed scene, we can see adult Mowamowa receiving a very delicious and special three-layered mochi candy cake for her birthday~! The sergals, Alek and Drago have decided to throw together a little token of appreciation for Mowamowa inside of Team GRG's Tea House!

If you look around the scene, you just might spot some cameo appearances! From right to left, you can see in the background a lovely crafted ceramic vase sitting with various fish painted across its surface. Next to it sits a small four-legged wood lamp (possibly gas-lit with the help of Fire-loquats~!). Behind Drago, you can spot a fus-fus silk potted plants, as well as two nevrean plushies! Lime is resting on the rim of the rounded window-pane whilst Coco's plushie is on the floor, holding a tiny incense burner! There is also a small and fluffy Rain Silves plushie, resting on Drago's right knee.

Behind Mowamowa, you can spot a series of three paintings, each displaying our Team GRG members and their Vilous sonas~! In the first painting we have Kiki and Mick's agudner selves alongside Coju's Reza, a female nevrean! The second painting features Beakiehelmet's sergal, Aruuchi and Rakakuza's nevrean, Priley! The third painting features BossSergal's sergal self and Wolflumin's sergal, Rinn!

Finally, on the far left and on top of the drawers, we've got four more plushies! From right to left sits BurnedOut's Ralban, Xayr's sergal self, Bandrik's Anix, and Fiddlestickx’ agudner!

Mowamowa © Mick Ono
Alek © Alek
Drago © Maplesquid
Team GRG Characters © Their respective owners:
Fiddlestickx, Bandrik, Xayr, BurnedOut, Kiki, Mick Ono, Coju, Beakiehelmet, Rakakuza, BossSergal, Wolflumin, Rohan, KP-YOSHI
Artwork by Raesheris

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Mon Feb 05, 2018 - [Announcement] Episode 4 Schedule Change

Hey there, Vilous Fans!

In order to better facilitate the smooth release of Episode 4, there has been a slight schedule change for this month to the episode postings.

The dates are as follows : 8, 13, 18, 23 and 28 of February, respectively!

The dates of this month are as follows : 8, 13, 18, 23 and 28.

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