Vilous News

Sat Nov 25, 2017 - Vilous Physical Sticker by Kiki On Sale!

Hello Fans!
We're happy to announce that Kiki has new merchandise back in stock featuring lovely Vilous physical stickers such as General Rain, The Fluffy, Bakku & Ged and many more, available for purchase now over at Kiki's Etsy~! Check them out!

About this sticker, Anix and Dasaki funded high prices to the donation for this sticker project. For person who funded high prices, Kiki presented the reward that one's Vilous sona become and be included to this sticker merchandise! Great gratitude to all fans!

Fri Aug 04, 2017 - Creature Spotlight: Talyxian Weasels on Kiki Patreon

Talyxian weasels, the terrible and dangerous creatures that thrive on Planet Tal, have been featured heavily in the last few pages of the Vilous manga. While there is some basic facts about them in the official Vilous Wiki, recently even more information about their biology and life cycle has been released by Kiki-UMA on her Patreon page!

For those that are new, Kiki is the co-creator of the World of Vilous. A close friend to Mick39, she is heavily responsible for the world-building and storylines — including the manga that you all have been enjoying!

If you enjoy reading more about the world of Vilous and the official Vilous Wiki, please consider checking out Kiki's Patreon page! There you will find sneak peeks at concept art and early access to new lore facts! Asking prices for these rewards are quite affordable, so let's all support Kiki so she can continue to bring us all more of the world of Vilous!

Wed Apr 26, 2017 - Unforseen Further Delays

Hello fans of Sergals, Nevreans, and everything else from the world of Vilous.

It's with a heavy heart that I explain this further delay with the pre-ordered Dakimakura Covers and T-Shirts.

As some of you know, late last month we finally received our current shipment of products, after a serious set of manufacturing errors and an agonizing shipping process obtaining them. We were able to ship out some of our orders but the following week Priley, our shipping manager, came down with what we thought was the flu only for his condition to get worse and by April 9th he was in the hospital. He was kept overnight for a few days, and eventually was diagnosed with a double herniation in his lower back.

Priley has spent the last two weeks in terrible pain, but powers through to his recovery.

This entire process has been as frustrating and time-consuming for us as it has been for you, but we can only ask for your patience for a little longer. Everything will be shipping out as soon as physically possible.

Suffice to say, we do not plan on running pre-orders again.

From a longtime fan to all my fellow fans,


Tue Mar 29, 2017 - Delayed Dakimakura Covers

Dear Fans,

First of all our deepest apologies for our lack of news regarding the last shipment of dakimakura covers. We know many of you have been patiently waiting and we should have been more forthcoming with updates.

Onto the details: our first delay was due to a mass misprint that affected nearly the entire batch of dakimakura covers we ordered. We had to send proof of the misprint to our manufacturer as well as wait for our ticket to be processed, this took a few weeks on top of the time it took for the batch to arrive normally.

Then, when we thought we would be shipping our pillow cases by February, the new shipment sent by our manufacturer was delayed. We asked them about the status of the order and the process took more weeks to complete; by then it was March. On the 20th we were finally told the pillow covers would arrive this week and given an order tracking number to check the state of the shipment, the number did not work when we tried it (due to a high volume of packages shipped, the manufacturer said), but it worked this week. On the tracking page we confirmed that the package was processed at the origin port the 15th of March and there have been no more changes to the shipment status since then. We have just contacted our manufacturer for more updates.

That is the news so far.

We thank you sincerely for your patience and once again apologize for this delay. We will try to post weekly updates on the shipment until it finally arrives.

In good news though, the newest order of shirts should be arriving some time this week, and we have a preview of how the new green shirts look right here.

Wed Mar 22, 2017 - Intermission

Dear fans, now that the current manga chapter has ended, I will begin uploading black and white illustrations until the next chapter begins in April. Two times a week just like the manga. Thank you for your support!