Ascidian Shelves

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Sergal hunters in the Northeast hunt Tal's wild hog. Here, Ascidian Shelves can also be seen in the background.

Ascidian shelves(ホヤ棚) are one of Tal's primitive creatures belonging to the Talyxian species group, and are classified as Talyxian Plants.

These plant creatures can walk, though extremely slowly with their many legs. Their upper bodies are tough, but soft. Northern sergals from the Shaman tribes will cut pieces of the upper body and swallow them whole, while Agudners are more fond of pickling them for a chewy food later.

A commonly-sought resource, people often harvest the shelf heads: cutting them to a suitable size, taking them home to dry out. From there, the dried shelves can be used for tables, shelving, and wooden surfaces. This is an important export resource to the Reono people.