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Boor and Cap (ゲスとぼうし is the name of two Talyxian-Stalker characters in the New Age, appeared on Daily life of Gold Ring comic series.

Boor and Cap
Boor and Cap


Both is male






Mowamowa (target of them), Yaji Telber (acquaintance)


New Age


Mick Ono


Both of them are young male Talyxian-Stalker.

As their names show, the stalker bearing a hat is named "Cap".

If Cap dosen't bear his hat, they can be distinguished with some physical characteristics: Cap has asymmetric eyes, and there's plural eyes on right side of his face. Boor has some banded hairs on his mane.


Boor is true to his desire, and as his names show, having quite unrefined, ill-mannered personality and behavior.

Cap has somewhat manners in comparison with Boor, but still isn't treated friendly from Mowamowa.

They were often bothering Mowamowa before she met Mr. Yaji. They were very insistent, harassing and pressuring her. Despite Mowamowa’s refusals, they often tried to forcibly mate with her.

They easily abandoned Mowamowa when they were interrupted by Mr. Yaji. However, both of them no longer be hostiling each other after that, they sometimes receives charity from Yaji like comforter gift.

In spite of they live as local and feral cat, their skill to hunt rat is not good. The result of both them inferior to Mowamowa's result.

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