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The earliest Sergal species concept art in 2003. (
This article make mention of all of history, Old Age Canon, and settings of Vilous canon development before the change to current New Age Canon.

Vilouslogo.jpg This article contains information classified under the Old Age canon.

Sergals History

The first creation as the fictional species named "Sergal" has existed since 2003 with many factors that Mick39 was inspired by those. The roots are based on her favorites, primarily rabbit and fighter aircraft as she is fan of [Down] and [Combat].

Hence early sergals were drawn with more rabbit-like appearance in contrast to the current sergal.

Very early sergal
Very early sergal
Very early sergal soldier, was caught by enemy.


Old Age Sergals and Obsolete settings

There are several differences when compared to the New Age.
There were hardly any difference between the physical characteristics between the northerns and southerns such as the length of the ears, the genital tentacle was not there either.
Though covered in fur, they were biologically reptiles. (Whether or not they were oviparous is unknown) The shape of their skull was also different from the New Age.
It wasn't clear if a Mixed-breed species existed.

They had a female-dominated society--a matriarchy.

The average lifespan was not much different from humans (60-80 years).
Many Sergals would only reach the age of 20 or 30, it was said they died as a consequence of war and the harsh struggle to survive.
Because it was not particular over a fine date, (the existence of of any history is unknown)
birth dates and such are treated as though assumed to be very vague.
(General Rain's birthday for example: "Warm Spring Day" etc.)

Fighting in ceramic armor and weapons was also a feature, and Sergals tended to prefer the aesthetic sense of that appearance, fuss over the visual design isn't good as the case often is.
  • Summary of Dunes Non Existent wiki(now gone) description

The species possesses excellent athletic ability. Their intelligence is not very high, but due to their loyal disposition, they are often raised as soldiers. Temperament is rough, because they aren't suitable for tasks requiring manual dexterity, they are employed solely as infantry reinforcements. They have naturally fast and strong legs, and in ancient times were called the "no-horse knight." They are strong in close quarters combat with weapons like long spears, battle axes, and hammers, etc. In the current Vilous, they often use a weapon which is a combination folding lance/shotgun. Their excellent legs give them 3x the jumping power by enhanced armor. Their spirituality is straightforward and simple. Their personality is such that they often don't hold onto strong obsessions or grudges. They don't know or understand left and they don't feel pain, uplifting by fighting is the best. They don't have dreams when they sleep. Sergal children are raised in a communal child care group, In this way, they are trained as soldiers early on. But also those who drop out midway, those Sergals often live as commoners in roles such as manual laborers.

Northern Sergals (Old Age Canon)

They live in the Tatola plains in northern Vilous.
It is said the northern Sergals have the greatest fighting force in all of Vilous.
Usually not only raw meat, the northern species plants including rice, fundamentally don't eat.
There is no modesty and they don't have any constraint, when not wearing armor they are always naked.

General Rain leads the troops - The Shigu Army accounts for the great majority.
Northern Sergals who do not serve General Rain is a very rare thing.
And, most northern Sergals hold positions as soldiers,
Sergals who are not soldiers carry on as blacksmiths and farmers, but the number of them is small.
After General Rain's rule has ended, the number of those who live as farmers, etc. has increased.

Southern Sergals (Old Age Canon)

They live in the Sailzane desert in southern Vilous.
Unlike the northern Sergals, a combat leader does not exist, they cherish wisdom and knowledge,
Still, they don't deeply recognize things such as the origin of the world.
The majority of Vilous's philosophers are southern Sergals, particularly those living in the huge city of Gold Ring.

Originally, Sergals don't like to eat plants very much,
but because of the scarcity of prey living in the desert, they can eat plants without too much resistance, as a result, it's possible for them to survive even in an harsh environments with little food.
Since they live constantly under threat of hunger and famine by the lack of food,
most have a large plantation, they live while avoiding a dispute over food shortage by means of running these plantations.
Living in the desert of planet Tal, they cultivate vegetables such as water-retaining cacti.

The Reono army of the south has fought the Shigu army of the north for a span of over 150 years, they would be defeated by General Rain.

Old Age Sergal Gallery

C374 sergal 025.png
Old sergal tongue.
Sergal (3).jpg
Old Age Canon Jakk. He was a Southern Sergal soldier.


Obsolete Canon in New Age

Very briefly, Mick experimented with a "Early New Age" style. The "Early New Age" style has since been abandoned.
Rain as a Early New Age(Obsolete Canon) Sergal. Note the more prominent chin and different tongue, as well as the
  • Female sergals had breasts. (similar to humans)
  • There are "butt-feathers" at the base of the tail similar to birds.
  • The fur at the tip of the tail is white in females only.
  • The difference based on [Rule] is so remarkable. (e.g. Northern Sergal's ears are extremely short)
A racial comparison of Sergal in Early New Age, the Obsolete Canon.
These new characteristics listed above and more things which were described around 2009-2012 are has been rendered obsolete and left aside now.
And now, "Latest New Age Sergal" has become relatively like the Old Age Canon.

Also in the Early New Age version, General Rain and the Northern Sergal's ears were drawn extremely short.
But now, Their ears are somewhat longer in the Latest New Age version compared than Early New Age.
Actually in Latest New Age, there are not many north and south temperature difference in planet Tal.
However still a northerns has a bigger build than a southerns, and fur tends to be much, ears are somewhat short.

Nevreans History

Very early nevrean

This section is still under construction.


Old Age Nevreans and Obsolete settings

Nevreans in Old Age
They used to be called the "Griffin race".
Exactly like Old Age Talyxians their design is now abandoned, and left aside.

This section is still under construction.


Agudners History

Early agudner

This section is still under construction.


Old Age Agudners and Obsolete settings

Two Agudner boys.
They were once the most populous race on Vilous, and had access to extremely high technology and knowledge, but eventually almost died out because of a great cataclysm, an inondation that took the lives of most of their race 300 years ago in an extremely short amount of time. They apparently had some sort of empire that expanded all over world before their sudden disappearance. However, like most facts about Vilous’ past, very little is known about their ancient civilization apart from the fact that the technology they had access to was given to them by an unknown race, and that they used it to build many magnificent, beautiful structures.

They do still have access to technology nowadays but it's way less advanced than it used to be, going back to simpler things like decent ways to create things (e.g. houses) or manage agriculture. They also are the race that knows the most about agriculture/farming.

They now live all over Vilous in small villages. A notable group operates in an old iron mine in the south from where most of the world’s metal comes from while another one lives along Nevreans inside an old fort in Tatola, right next to the Clan Shigu's lands. They've never had conflict with Rain since their fort is very well defended, pushing Zyn to convince her that trying to take it would be suicide for any army, even hers. The fort is located on a steep, hard to climb slope at the base of a mountain, the only true entrances to it being hidden passageways used to re-supply it.
Meanwhile, some other Agudners are living in northern Tatola and have joined Rain's empire.

Talyxians History

Early talyxian

This section is still under construction.


Old Age Talyxian and Obsolete settings

Female Old style Talyxian
The Old Age Talyxians are a specie that bear traits of a both felines and humans, among other things. They were called the "Werefenle" (ワーフェンル wâfenru) or "Lynx race" (山猫族 yamaneko-zoku) too. They are carnivorous and in small numbers. They survived the Northern Sergal expansion by hiding in the forests. One of the most observable member of the race would be Zyn Crotzwell.

Since the introduction of the New Age canon, this race has been rendered obsolete and left aside.


Characters history

Rain Silves in Old Age

Rain Silves
The Brutal General




Northern Sergal




Old Age



She is a golden-eyed mutant Northern Sergal of the classic design that wears blood as face paint down from her eyes to her jaw, with dark blue or black hair across her back and white hair down her front. In this canon she is described as being simply naive rather than actually stupid, and since she was aware of this, she kept around many advisors. She has a curious nature, and is delighted to find things that she finds interesting or amusing.

Rain grew up in the north Tatola plains in the Clan Shigu and the Tribe Silves. When Rain was a little girl she was the target of much abuse from her mother and many others because of her golden eyes, saying her eyes were bad omen, bad luck or a curse, eyes of death. A bit ironic, as she grew up to become the most feared fighter in the land. She was raised by a man named Zyn Crotzwell, who adopted her and stayed by her side for many years. When she was in her mid-to-late 20’s she became the head of the Shigu Clan and started her first campaign, to conquer the entire Tatola area. Following to this she waged war against the southern Reono Clan, with the help of her companions Lucien Calcatto and Zyn Crotzwell. Eventually she was successful, and went on to conquer the rest of the Sailzane Desert as well. She was unequaled in combat, a brilliant fighter and tactician, but for most other issues she was a bit handicapped, cruelty and war were all she was suited for. She was well known for her broad use of fear tactics and torture, including peeling the skin off children in front of their parents with her bare hands, cannibalism of fallen foes, and other nefarious deeds.

It took her only about a decade to conquer most of the known world, afterwards ruling over her lands as a cruel dictator. This proved to be a much less glamorous time for the Brutal General, as during this time she proved to be an absolutely terrible peacetime leader, many of her own people dying of poverty and starvation. To make matters worse, Zyn, her adopted father and trusted advisor leaves her side during this time. When she becomes of advanced age one of her children, fathered by an enemy general she had raped, staged a coup, and it’s said she stepped down willingly so that for all time it would continue to be said she had never been defeated in combat. She spends the rest of her life under house arrest, described as living like a happy beast in a zoo, imprisoned but content.


Zyn in Old Age

Zyn Crotzwell
Lord Zyn








Old Age



The advisor and adoptive father of General Rain, and possibly the true ruler of Clan Shigu. While Rain handles all of the war and fighting aspects of the Clan, Zyn handles all of the social and economic issues, and between the two of them Clan Shigu became a force more powerful than anything the world had seen since the fall of the Agudner over three hundred years ago. Lord Zyn's past is entirely unknown, all that is known of him is that he found Rain as a child, beaten and starving after being abandoned by her mother, and raised her to be the ultimate fighter and tactician. At the peak of her power Zyn leaves as mysteriously as he came, and without him, Clan Shigu fell into decline.

He has been known to play the harp at each dawn.


Jakk in Old Age





Southern Sergals




Old Age



As said above, in the Old Age setting Jakk is the name of a general of the Clan Reono forces that rivals Clan Shigu. He is eventually defeated and made into Rain's slave.

His story before losing to Rain is detailed in the so far untranslated Green Chapter. In the Green Chapter, he is the only survivor of his hometown of Astana after it is burned to the ground by Shigu General Rain Silves. His best friend is a Talyxian named Roy that he has a sort of brotherly relationship with.

Some pictures with Jakk in the filename appear to show him as female, however, Jakk is male. The female sergal depicted in these pictures is simply another northern that looks similar to Jakk.


Other history

Old Judda

Svelte Candia the Judda in Blue Chapter of The World of Vilous Novella
Judda is name of race, they have smooth-skinned humanoids with pointy ears. They were called the "Elf race(エルフ族 Erufu-zoku)" too.

In the New Age canon, the Talyxian-rooters and Agudner undertook their role.
Talyxian-rooters have the role of the creators of the Eltus races, and the Agudner have the role of future humans.


Old Reono

Reono was the major southern clan that opposed Clan Shigu.


Old Enoca

Toya, a female enoca in Old Age. She is merchant, and two males.

An aquatic race that comes in three varieties, one suited for the deep ocean, one suited for less-deep ocean, and a last kind that is more amphibious, living in shallow waters, beaches and shoals. This last kind is the only one the other races of Vilous have contact with, so this article is about them.

The Enoca live on the coast of Vilous, world-renowned traders of goods and information. They probably have the most contact with other races, and are on good terms with generally all of them, but their loyalties and friendships are usually only as deep as their companions’ pockets. They are known for heavy flattery when they want something, putting up a rather pleasant façade when making a deal. Clan Shigu considers them allies because of this, but the enoca don’t truly return the sentiment at all.


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