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Jakk (ジャク Jaku) is the name of male Northern sergal. He is known as a son of General Rain, and is under her protection, though it is not revealed whether he is her biological child or not.

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Jakk has beautiful green fur, a slender body, and the two spot pattern similar to eyebrows above his eyes.

His appearance and behavior give mysterious vibes, and people often refer to him as "the Alien" due to his eccentricity. He is known to some as the "Special prince of Rain's," but his actual position in Shigu Kingdom is not revealed.

Jakk has superior intelligence in comparison with common sergals, and he is literate, reading books as a hobby. His strong intellectual curiosity is focused on the "Green Plants" that are different from primeval, common plants of planet Tal. Later in life, he founds and heads a small research institute dedicated to studying them.

Jakk's personality is very serious, intense, and unfazable, but also polite. However, he will state his opinions clearly, without regard to offending others. His favorite food is very young fish.

After Shigu Kingdom collapsed and Rain was taken into custody in year 40 in Rain-Calendar, he took up residence in Gold Ring, studying government, politics, and sciences.

Some say he is an alien, or perhaps a mechanical doll. Nothing seems to ruffle him, and the castle guards find reason to marvel at him because of this. He has gained some popularity among a small group of young, studious people.


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