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GR citizen sergal boy is holding and selling Kef-Bassi

Kef-Bassi (ケフバシ) is the dried and processed remains of the "Kef's Seaweed" that is one kind of talyxian plant primarily used for cigarette production.

Regional Distribution

The Kef-Bassi herb is native to the Kef desert region. Additional ecological life is not present as only the Kef-Bassi herb grows there. The Kef desert region is vast and inhospitable, leading to the region's name which means nothing, blind alley, or unlimited.

Uses & Hazards

GR citizen sergal boy is smoking Kef-Bassi cigarette while hanging out his futon. He would take a nap after this.
Kef-Bassi famous for its sleep aiding abilities, often being prescribed as a cure for insomnia. When being used as a sleep aid, Eltus generally smoke cigarettes or pipe smoke the herb directly.

Due to Kef-Bassi making the smoker sleepy and relaxed, it has been recognized has a major driving hazard to smoke it while driving (referred to as “Kef-Bassi driving”). Therefore, it has been made highly illegal to drive while smoking Kef-Bassi.

Kef's Seaweed

Kef's Seaweed (ケフのもずく) is the natural unprocessed plant from which Kef-Bassi is produced. It has a similar appearance to that of Earth seaweeds like cladosiphon okamuranus, but it can grow in environments with little to no water and can even grow in heavily salted places. It is classified as a talyxian species of plant, but is harmless to people. In this form Kef's Seaweed is actually sought after for consumption by many people due to have a crunchy texture, despite not having any nutritional value.

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