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Old Age

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Lucien Calcatto
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Old Age



Lucien Calcatto(カルカト・ルシャ Rushiya Karukato) is character in the Green Chapter. He possess incredible strength despite his small body. Has a very positive disposition and acts like an older brother for Jakk.

Lucien is the protagonist from Mick’s Red Chapter, one of the original stories about Vilous.

Lucien Calcatto is probably the first and only human to ever walk upon the surface of Vilous, a young gray haired man in a gray jumpsuit.When he arrived there, he started experiencing rapidly growing memory loss until he could not remember what he had written in his journal the day before without going back to read it.He carries with him a backpack full of equipment, a handheld electrolaser and a sword that can emit an electrical charge.

He eventually is captured by a group of northern sergals, and is taken directly to Rain.She tells him that the sword he carries is one from legend, and that he is unworthy of wielding it. Rain forces him to fight her, and in desperation, he draws the electrolaser and fires a short, stunning pulse at her. Afterwards, he faints from exhaustion as Rain recovers from the shock.  She decides to spare him, if only because he has piqued her curiosity, and decides to take him with her on her campaign against the Reono Clan. His fate is unknown.