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Eltus races in Lyvank Mountains. Can see the full version in Mick39's Patreon.

Lyvank Mountains(リベンク山脈) is very precious place that has Eltus-Plants located on the northeast of Tal. It ranges from the Shigu Clan to the Reono Clan. Its alpine zone has precious source of water, and precious Eltus-Plants that are called "Green Plants".

In canon occurrence

In the first year of Rain-Calendar. Gold Ring and Reono cooperated more, they worked on a search mainly in the Lyvank Mountains that has precious source of water and few influence of Talyxian-Plants. They were trying the protection and the expansion of Eltus-Plants while learnt by trial and error though there were not yet technologies to step into the depths of Talyxian-Plants it these days. All the places that have hopes were tried completely, only Lyvank Mountains could have "green-plants" as a result.

Thereafter, Eastern people had tried to protect the Lyvank Mountains' alpine plants in around the year 16 in Rain-Calendar due to expanded Shigu clan. They were doing very much of defensive stance idea and such work in addition to usual operation and maintenance for a care of plants. They had done even huge fake war as a conflict from Mutz-z desert to the neighborhood of Thekan, to miss the attention of Shigu from the Lyvank Mountains. Its fact was revealed at a recent days.

But unfortunately, all of Reono lands were conquered by Shigu Kingdom in year 28 in Rain-Calendar. Therefore the Lyvank Mountains' alpine plants areas were included to their property, all Eastern people's efforts were in vain. Happily, Shigu were paying attention to Western lands and Gold Ring at that time. Thus the Lyvank Mountains and alpine plants areas did not receive too many damage until the war ended.

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