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Quu-Taro Kanmuri(冠窮太朗) for real name, or Quu(きゅーちゃん) for nickname is male Nevrean character from the New Age.

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New Age



Quu by Mick
The male urban Nevrean who has a canary-like appearance, and the position as the current and official Judda in Gold Ring. He lives in the high tower, which is in the central city of Gold Ring.
He has glittery golden feathers and white curly hair, with a small build just like typical male nevreans.

He prefers to make a person laugh, and behaves like he wants to be noticed at a glance. But, he does it to brush his very conspicuous appearance off. The truth is that he would rather be an ordinary rustic boy.

Originally he would be spending time as just common resident, but in a short time, he had been praised for his beauty, and treated prince-like by the Gold Ring citizens. Then he became recognized as the official Judda of Gold Ring (current times). Such treatment includes things like being featured on symbols or signs in the certain regions of Gold Ring city. Despite this, he would rather have free time to be more rustic and not worry about such a showy appearance.

Yung Yagili is his old friend. He often enjoys talking of daily troubles with Yung at somewhere on the above-ground level, like ZUvo restaurant, while wearing poor-looking clothes to avoid being noticed. He does not meet her in public places, for this reason. When he stepped into the slum areas, he occasionally gets lost in many cases. But in those time, Yung will show her good and caring side, and she will lead him by her hand.

He is very glib talker, and also is quite good at angering someone. However, he can keep calm and level-headed even if someone punches him in response to his bad behavior. But, currently he seems less able to dare say those ruthless things, due to his worry of being ignored by someone.