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Shirokuro (シロクロ, means "white and black") is a Talyxian-Stalker appeared on Daily life of Gold Ring comic series, episode of "Creepy Scabs: Mowamowa Goes to Hospital". One of Mowamowa's cat friend.

Mowamowa and Shirokuro, the cat friends.


Undecided as T-Stalker biology.






New Age




Mowamowa and Shirokuro
Being a young cat, Shirokuro is still undecided about their actual gender (to learn more about this, please read the section "Reproduction and gender system" in the Talyxian-Stalker article). Shirokuro is one older than Mowamowa, and good T-Stalker friend of her.

Shirokuro fur has straightforward two-tone color pattern of black and white, and face has a total of three asymmetric eyes. Left eye is round shaped white one with little pupil, right eyes are elliptical two heterochromia eyes of blue and red with no pupil.

Shirokuro is kept as a resident pet in the waiting room of Nao's Hospital. However, actual handle for Shirokuro from hospital staffs is similar to consideration for children of 'human' than considering as pet, due to Shirokuro's intellectual personality and behavior.


Page 4 of Daily life of Gold Ring episode Creepy Scabs: Mowamowa Goes to Hospital, can see Shirokuro's personality a lot from this page.
Shirokuro is polite, but also a very curious cat. And is good to talk in human's words, as asked both Mr. Yaji and Mowamowa several questions while they await medical attention. Shirokuro's intellectual curiosity is a specific quirk of their personality and one that is rather rare to T-stalkers.

Shirokuro played a good deal with Mowamowa, giving her chewing gum, and singing a funny children's song to her while Mr. Yaji awaited the prescribed medicine. It was just children's play but Shirokuro has very good manners. As their name suggests, Shirokuro (white and black) sees all actions of good or evil as clear as dividing white and black. Their straight-forward view of the world sees good and bad as unchangeable and easy to define. Their warning to Mowamowa to "Stay out of the potted plant!" was simply an observation that such activity wouldn't be a good thing to do.

When take a look at the Mowamowa's personality and behavior, and compare it to Shirokuro, they show the clear contrasting personality and behavior. Shirokuro has more 'human'-like personality and behavior overall, as contrast to animalish and cat-like Mowamowa's personality and behavior.

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