Tal's Mountain Leeches

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Tal's Mountain Leech.
A pair of Talyxian-Leeches on the hunt. Notice the grooves on the mandibles, serving as needle canals.

Tal's Mountain Leeches (タルの山ヒル) are one of Tal's native creatures belonging to the Talyxian species group. They are one of the most feared predatorial wildlifes on Tal, found in the depths of the Forests or Mountainous regions such as Nevrea and Lyvank.

Fandom people are often misunderstand them as a sand worms of desert creatures, but mountain leeches and sand worms are completely different creatures.


Talyxian Leech drawing in breath and firing venomous needles towards a Sergal.
Talyxian leech needles are sharp, hollow and laden with holes in order to aid the prey in bleeding out as well as venom delivery.
Their bodies are comprised almost entirely of red muscular structures, capable of flexibly undulating around akin to snakes and leeches in order to move around and about.

They posses a set of four pointed, bone mandibles which serve as a mouth guard as well as a delivery system for their venomous needles.

The Talyxian-Leech can draw in a breath of air into its lungs, inflating itself in the process and exhale it out forcibly through the bony mandibles, effectively performing the function of a pressurized blow dart, spewing out numerous venomous needles toward it's prey in order to subdue it via paralysis.

In addition, the venomous needles are also hollow and laden with holes in order to aid in bleeding the victim out if paralysis does not occur fast enough.

They eat their prey whole and preferably alive, descending upon them and extruding their sticky, muscular structures which serve as their esophagus, drawing the prey in for digestion. They have numerous sets of eyes spread out across their head giving them ample vision. As well as a keen sense of hearing.


They are completely carnivorous, commonly being found in the woods with higher elevation and generally thicker fauna or mountainous regions. 

Talyxian-Leeches can be found preying on both Talyxian and Eltus species alike.

Relation with people

Highly agressive and territorial, they stalk the forests for prey, often travelling together in loose groups of two or three, hoping to be easily able to corner and catch prey by working in tandem, making use of their paralyzing needles if they need to give chase. 

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