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Rain, and Zyn the Talyxian-Associator, on Vilous Official Comic.

"Talyxian-associators(タリクシアン・アソシエーター, also called "T-associators" or "Associators" for short)" are creatures that belong to talyxian species group. They are feral species and correspond to canine in the Earth.

They are quadrupedal and share many of the same surface features as the other talyxian creatures, including the appearance of mixed organic and inorganic components. They are, of course, not machine, cyborg, or robotic beings in any way. Unlike a Talyxian-Stalkers, they don't have individual difference of appearances.

They can't talk, but they have high intelligence.

There are two type among them; "Wolf" and "Dog". Wolves and dogs have similar appearances, but biology is quite different. Wild associators are treated as a wolves by the Eltus race, and urban associators are treated as a dogs.

Wolf type

Decided design of T-Associators as the
The "wolves" live in forests of Northern lands of Tal mainly.
They can't reproduce and don't eat anything, but they live long too much. Probably they were created by Rooters, and Rooters set them free in forest. All of them are one molding. Have wing-like foldable plates, but it don't have ability to fly.

Northern sergals worship wolves as "the incarnation of the forest", considering them as "a rule". Northern sergals even modelled aspects of their lifestyle after the behavior of wolves. However, they will sometimes kill t-associators and use their corpses for accessories. A headdress made from the t-associators skull holds special spiritual significance.

There were considerably many wolves in ancient times. But, they are almost not discovered at modern times. Now they are treated as the legendary animals of the depths of the forest.


They leave the forest according to the season, come together as in their group to the place that have strong sunlight and is free from miasma, such as the Tatla that is becoming the border. And they enlarge their wing-like plates of their bodies and do photosynthesis, then return to the forest when they finish a storage of their energy enough.

They don't eat anything although they have mouths, they will use their fangs for only killing other large-size talyxian creatures. Their this behavior is adjustment of the population of wildlives in all probability.

Dog type

The dog type Talyxian-Associator with Eltus people in southern lands. The sergal and the agudner are moving from capital area to small town within range of Gold Ring with their dog.
"Dogs" are a subspecies of Talyxian-Associators who live in urban areas in the South.


They can reproduce, contrasting with wolves which are pure Talyxian-Associators who live in Tal's native forests and are found mainly in the Northern lands. However, the lifespan of dogs is much shorter than wolves. While wolves cannot reproduce, they do not eat anything and have longer lifespans. Unlike the wolves, dogs can eat anything (except salt) due to their omnivorous diet. They have developed both reproductive and digestive organs, and it is even possible to have a hybrid of dogs and Talyxian-Stalkers.

The origin of "dogs"

In ancient times of 1000 years ago, dogs began as "wolves" and came from the Northern lands with Northern sergals. These sergals were the originators of Southern sergals. Because there are no miasma forests in the Southern lands, these "wolves" became "dogs" due to having lost their wild nature. At the same time, sergals lost their faith for Talyxian-Associators, especially as they began cohabitation with agudners. Therefore, dogs were treated as just "domestic animals" unlike the wolves in the Northern Lands.


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