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Dr. Delta, the Talyxian-rooter
Dr. Elena, the Talyxian-rooter

Talyxian-Rooters(タリクシアン・ルーター, also called "T-rooters" or "Rooters") are creatures that belong to Talyxian species group.

They are characterized by a humanoid body, and share many of the same surface features as the other talyxian creatures, including the appearance of mixed organic and inorganic components. They are, of course, not machine, cyborg, or robotic beings in any way.

Talyxian-Rooters have shown the development of extremely advanced technology, and have acquired an extended knowledge in every field. All of them are great scientists and, as a result, each wears a title and are is referred to as "Dr." - Doctors.

They are hence very few in number due to the nature of talyxian reproduction, and therefore are regarded as important, having an even higher social status than most on Tal. They give an order to Talyxian-Stalkers and other talyxian species creatures, for their unknown purpose.

Their concrete life span is still unclear, but they live very for a long time. At least, they can live more than Talyxian-Stalkers who have average life span of 200 years.

Reproduction and gender system

Though they don't have any genitalia, they all are technically considered male since they have "genetic data" that can be identified as sperm cells. Despite this, they still cannot have conventional sexual intercourse and thus will transplant their sperm to male talyxian-stalkers through a simple surgery.


Rooters don't eat any foods. they instead rely on a massive bank of energy that they have stored in since birth. Their athletic capabilities degenerated over time and so did their metabolic rate that has significantly dropped.


Talyxian-rooters naturally govern over Talyxian-Stalkers. They oversee and take care of the t-stalkers population and their society, including everything tied to justice or judging criminal stalkers, and can sometimes give considerably harsh judgement.

Furthermore, in the event of a t-stalkers overpopulation, Rooters can and will perform castration to reduce fertility of the t-stalkers population, and may even go so far as to euthanize stalkers in extreme cases.

Aside from this, Talyxian-Rooters tend not to interfere with the business of the Eltus races even though Rooters are heavily involved with their development. They instead prefer to watch the Eltus races from afar, and observe how they evolve and grow over time. But some Rooters live in the Eltus city and working there. In these cases, they often take the roles of a researcher and a doctor.


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