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The timeline of planet Tal, this is organized around the Rain-Calendar. Years B.C.E. are considered to be before the birth of General Rain Silves and years after her birth are considered "Rain-Calendar".


Present Day

Prior to 1,000 B.C.E.
(Ancient times)
Chief Events: Southern Sergals originated by Northern Sergals migrators.

A portion of the Sergals in the North began to migrate south along with wolves (Talyxian-Associators). This group wandered as nomads in the southern deserts, living in poverty and subsisting on what little food and water they could find.

Approx. ~120 B.C.E. Chief Events: Eastern Sergals originated, Founded the origin of Reono.

Part of the Sergals who had migrated south moved to settle in the vicinity of the Eastern mountain ranges. They mingled jointly with the Northern Sergals and became the Reono. Their region formed as a base of hunting/trading.

~Several Hundred Years B.C.E. Chief Events: Encounter of Southern Sergals and Agudners, Founded the origin of Gold Ring.

A part of the ancient Agur (precursors to the modern Agudners) left their villages by the forests and ventured out into the southern deserts, eventually encountering the nomadic gypsy Sergals. Together they settled on the shores of a vast salt lake. This settlement would eventually grow to become Gold Ring. Here, the Southern Sergals and Agudners drafted a constitution to formalize their everlasting cooperation and friendship.

First Year of Rain-Calendar Chief Events: Birth of Rain Silves.

Rain Silves was born to a poor village located on the edge of the primeval forests in the Tatola Desert. She would eventually become known as General Rain.

Approx. 12 Rain-Calendar Rain, who had previously left her hometown and disappeared into the forest, had returned. She rose as a powerful leader, uniting all the villages within Tatola.
Approx. 16 Rain-Calendar Under Rain's military might, the whole northern region is unified.
Approx. 28 Rain-Calendar Chief Events: Rain conquered Reono, Founded Shigu Kingdom, World War began.

Rain's military forces conquered Reono lands. The Shigu Kingdom was founded.

Beginning 28 Rain-Calendar Chief Events: The genocide in Western lands by Shigu, Relationship between Western Sergals and Native Nevreans ceased, Continuous invasion to Gold Ring by Shigu, Western refugees emigrated to Gold Ring.

Following the Eastern Reono, the Shigu Army invades the Western lands also. The Western Sergals are annihilated. The cultural interchange and relationship between the Western Sergals and Native Nevreans cease.

Because Shigu resources are pillaged, there's a demand to acquire even more land, eventually reaching for Gold Ring. Having gained total control over Reono lands, they repeatedly tried to gain a foothold in Gold Ring but ultimately failed. The country lay in ruin because of battles spread across the whole of Tal. Disease began to spread and the cost of resources soared. 2/3rds of the Eastern and Northern population were lost due to famine, plague, etc. However, areas that did not suffer invasion by the Shigu Army such as the Nevrean lands and the Southern lands other than Gold Ring were an exception, and were left relatively unharmed.

At the time, An influx of refugees consisting of Eastern and Western Sergal survivors along with some Nevreans coming in from Nevrea flooded into Gold Ring. Due to this, peace and public order in Gold Ring temporarily deteriorated.

Approx. 40 Rain-Calendar Chief Events: Collapsing of Shigu Kingdom, Rain was arrested, End of World War, Birth of Yaji Telber.

The Shigu Kingdom collapsed due to exhaustion from years of war and the breakdown of internal administration.

Rain was taken into custody and escorted to Gold Ring. After about 30 years, the world war that had spread across Tal came to an end. Along with this, the battered Shigu and Reono were able to walk the path to reform and reconstruction.

Yaji Telber is Born.

Beginning 40 Rain-Calendar Chief Events: Climate of racial discrimination against Nevreans in Gold Ring, Bandit problems by Out Ring, Jakk emigrated to Gold Ring.

A problem with discrimination against the newly established Nevreans in Gold Ring develops.

Male Nevreans suddenly became popular people owing to their beautiful appearance. Meanwhile, female Nevreans who're unable to find employment because of rampant distrust/discrimination from Sergals and Agudner, formed the "Out Ring" that is the bandits' organization.

Developments in technology in Gold Ring experience a "boom" over the next several decades.

Jakk, took up residence in Gold Ring, studying government, politics, and sciences.

Approx. 70 Rain-Calendar Chief Events: Founded "Sabi no Wa".

An exercise called "Sabi no Wa" (The Ring of The Rust) was created by Nevrean youth in the city who where unhappy about gender discrimination and the current state of things.

Around this time, there were rumors about the existence of "Yung Yagili" as the center of "Sabi no Wa".

Beginning 70 Rain-Calendar Chief Events: Guaranteed new law to give definite 'human rights' for Nevreans in Gold Ring.

Legislation is passed in Gold Ring guaranteeing equal rights to the Nevrean population. Thereafter, discrimination towards Nevreans gradually diminished.

100 Rain-Calendar Present Day

Rain Silves' Lifetime

In early stage of life
Birth On the edge of the primeval forests in the Tatola Desert region, Rain is born to a poor village which is often attacked by the forest's primitive creatures.
1~8 years old Because of her mutated appearance, Rain is subject to discrimination by the clan and suffers violent abuse by her mother. Her younger brother is also born during this period.
Approx. 8 years old Unable to endure the discrimination and abuse, Rain kills her mother and massacres the villagers, then disappears into the forest with her younger brother.

(There is a theory that she is around 12 years old during this event and that in reality, she didn't lend a hand when the village was attacked by forest beasts, instead leaving the village to be annihilated as she fled to the forest with her younger brother, etc. There are various theories.)

8~12 years old Rain's younger brother dies (presumably by illness).

At that time, the Talyxian-Associator named "Zyn" is encountered. She is taught how to live in the forest by him.

The Rise of Leadership & Unification of the North
Approx. 12 years old Rain leaves the forest where she grew up and gathers the villages in the Tatola area. She also encounters Leeric during this time.
Approx. 16 years old The whole of the North is unified. Rain rises as a powerful leader, calling herself "General Rain." Zyn leaves her side.
Approx. 28 years old Rain leads her army to expand her regional control, soon gaining total control over the Eastern Reono lands. The "Shigu Kingdom" is established here.
Expansion of Territorial Rule
28 Years old ~ After gaining total control over the Reono, A plan was devised to expand her regional control. With the foothold in Reono lands, the war front was divided into two: the invasion of the Western lands, as well as plan to invade Gold Ring.

The Western campaign was won. Western Sergals were annihilated, leaving only a small number of survivors to flee for Gold Ring. The war campaign on Gold Ring was a struggle, ultimately collapsing with the failed invasion led by Leeric. After that, Rain attempted constant invasion attempts on Gold ring, all ending in failure. The Shigu Kingdom became impoverished.

Rain's Last Years
Approx. 40 years old The Shigu Kingdom collapses due to a shortage of resources and the exhaustion of frequent military failures.

Rain's son staged a coup at this time, taking Rain captive and escorting her to be imprisoned in Gold Ring.

With that, the World War finally came to an end.

Approx. 60 years old Rain dies, aged and senile.
Legacy After Death After her death, Rain's legacy is handed down by the people and a new calendar is established with its first year as her birth year.

Because the Shigu army pillaged and exploited slavery to develop its technology during wartime, development in the Northern region is mainly focused on military tech. Later reforms in Shigu land become the foundation for the development of a large city as "Shigu Dukedom (or Shigu Public)", second only to Gold Ring.


It should be noted that Rain's age as mentioned above is in Sergal age, which corresponds to human age as follows: 12 years = 16-18 years, 16 years = 22 years, 28 years = 36 years. Rain also grew larger through her entire life because of her mutation. At age 16 she was the size of some larger Sergals, but by 28 she was considerably larger than most Sergals. After that, her height did not change so much, but her frame and body continued to grow larger. In her last years, she had become so obese that movement was difficult. Additionally, her fur color became decolorized, turning completely white over time.

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