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Zess(ゼス Zésu) is the name of two different existence in the Old Age and the New Age.

New Age

Newcanon.png This article contains information classified under the New Age canon.

Most of information about those are unclear/undecided yet.
At least for now, Zess becomes a term that are meaning "existences that are incomplete as creature" as basic concept. For representative example, Talyxians correspond to Zess. And its basic concept is opposite to the Judda.

Old Age

Vilouslogo.jpg This article contains information classified under the Old Age canon.
Laurau, a Zess female in Old Age.

The Zess are often called the "Living Dead" race of Vilous. The race is comprised of those who have died and been reborn with a Zess body.

All that is known is that in order to become a Zess, one must carry around with them a small object at all times, then, when the person dies, their mind is transferred to a new "Zess body" that lacks body heat, processes food much better than normal bodies, and is said to be entirely synthetic. The Zess body is different in appearance from their old body, but still retains some features of their old race, like an elongated muzzle on Sergals who become Zess.

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