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Shigu flag in New Age

Shigu(シーグ) is the name of Rain Silves' Northern Sergals armies clan. In New Age, also it is the name of the kingdom in North of planet Tal.

The year 28 in Rain-Calendar, Shigu was founded as Northern Sergals kingdom when Rain's military forces conquered Reono lands. Shigu Kingdom is the only country which belongs to the kingdom in planet Tal. There were no imperial rule in northern lands until Rain appears, but it began since Rain rose as a powerful leader in a whole of north.

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Northern Sergals sparring, also can see other races who are galleries in background.

Shigu is known as kingdom of Northern sergals, but there are some other races as slaves mainly. Shigu gets resources by pillage while conquering Eastern lands and Western lands, thus many of Eastern agudners and other races are taken as a "technology slaves". But the combatants are composed of only sergals, therefore other races generally are treated as workers or slaves.


Because there were no text and verbal language in Northern lands, native Northern citizens can't talk fluently and generally can't use text. Even Rain and Leeric were not able to use language at their first stage. As for text, they couldn't write any of those until end their days.

In Shigu, "technology slaves" receive comparatively good treatment. But farmers are treated as serfs, and receive merciless treatment.


They depend on pillage for any resources. Since domination by Rain, Northern sergals have almost completely abandoned their hunter-gatherer lifestyle and prefer to gather food and resources through the pillaging of rival clans and other acts of oppression. Because Rain don't hunt any wildlife for resources, due to her strong lust for pillaging other lands. She also did hunting when she was young. But, at the end of the dynastic era, she lets a serfs make foods by force.

Finally, Shigu Kingdom collapsed due to exhaustion from years of war and the breakdown of internal administration. They completely wasted all place that they can conquer and pillage. Their technique affected only a military tie, therefore there were only method of pillaging for getting resources.

That aside, strangely, every primitive creatures avoid the area that Rain is.

Technique and armies

Shigu armies. Can see the full version in Vilous Official Art-pack#1.

Most workers in the Shigu are captured from other races with combatants being entirely only sergals. Other races had not been used in combat. (If nevreans had been used in combat, the invasion to Gold Ring may have been successful.)

Shigu military technology advanced rapidly as they pillaged the resources of their neighbours such as Eastern lands and Middle lands. Agudner "technology slaves" were captured and forced to perform specialized research for the Shigu. Taking these results, their military technology developed fantastically. Especially, pillaged Eastern armor was revised for pure combat use by agudner "technology slaves". The resulting armor design is now regarded as typical sergal armor. Northerners originally could not make such armor because of their lack of technology.

In addition to the agudners, a part of biology student sergals are used as employee scholar.

There are special guardsmen for Rain, Kadd the staff officer and Leeric the captain of special attack corps.

The rise and fall

Northen market after World War, at the Shigu Dukedom.

Can read Shigu's timeline in a chronological table at Vilous Chronology

Since domination by Rain, Shigu Army conquered Eastern Reono lands at first, and following Reono, invades the Western lands also. Thus Western sergals are annihilated, the cultural interchange and relationship between the Western sergals and Native nevreans cease.

Then they aimed to Gold Ring, while having gained total control over Reono lands, they tried the first invasion to Gold Ring. But Gold Ring vigilance committee had defended completely against Shigu, using water channels, complicated buildings, and rising grounds. Thus the first invasion entirely failed. Afterward Shigu repeatedly tried to gain a foothold in Gold Ring for 10 years, but ultimately all failed.

Not only Shigu, Gold Ring also had received big damage due to thoroughly destroyed distribution network by war. The country lay in ruin because of battles spread across the whole of Tal. Disease began to spread and the cost of resources soared. 2/3rds of the Tal population were lost due to price rise of resources, that weakened person eaten by a wildlife, etc.

Since last years of dynasty till the collapse of Kingdom, Northern people are divided to; ones who restart a traditional lifestyle, ones who try reconstruction of Reono, and ones who come to Gold Ring as a refugees. After end of war, the battered Shigu and Reono were able to walk the path to reform and reconstruction.

For a while of after the World War, Shigu lands developed as large city second only to Gold Ring, the "Shigu Dukedom (or Shigu Public)". Due to sergal nature that don't hold grudges, any people willingly held out cooperation to every Northern sergals. A whole of Northern lands will develop and globalize. Also there are many Northern people who can use civilized spoken language and text since Shigu Dukedom is founded.

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