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Several types of primitive creatures

Tal's Primitive Creatures(原生生物) are the native beings of planet Tal that include Talyxians, and they originally don't hail from Eltus. Most of Tal's wildlives are classified to them.

Most are non-humanoid, look like what would be considered a monster: horrendous mollusks-like creatures similar to land octopuses or invertebrate leeches with some peculiar insect features. The ones domesticated to be used like a horse or a pig would be on Earth will definitely appear strange to the average people.

Canon version of a buffalo on Tal, a.k.a Shellfish buffalo.

Pretty much the majority of those are classified in the "Shellfish" family (conchology).

Most of them have a danger to sentient races such as ‎Eltus, but also most are tamed as domestic animals or pets.

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Usually, people call "primitive creatures" while show common wildlives living in primeval forest and so on. But in strict definition, all creatures that lived in Tal from old days than Eltus races are classified under primitive creatures. Also many of creatures classified in talyxian species.


Creatures which are classified in talyxian species.

They generally fall into roughly broad classifications: shellfish species, sessile organisms, talyxian species like rooters, stalkers, and associators. talyxian-type small animals, feral animals that show both nature of shellfish and talyxian, large leeches and actinias that are known as part of shellfish that have a monstrously violent nature.

Feral animals that show talyxian nature may fade their inorganic features and change to shellfish-like nature if they are tamed by people. There are maybe some kind of correlations beyond the species division, but details remain unknown.

As for use in the spoken language, a word of "talyxian" generally show race or measurable sentient species. "Shellfish" are used for docile, harmless, useful animals that are convenient for people, if anything. Such words are not scientific term in strict definition for division of biology. Also most of Tal's strict biology is unclear.

Peculiar features

A one of Tal's primitive creatures, a shellfish creature.

They have unique particularities that are obviously different from Eltus and common creatures of Earth. Some of them have the third, fourth gender other than female or male, and may change their gender for each environment, a part of them have same gene even if they have totally different appearances and ecology with each other, their animals may be able to graft to their plants if both of them have similar gene.

A part of northern primitive creatures have strong miasma, but details remain unknown.

Relation with people

In Gold Ring the Southern city, sergal soldiers are fighting tentacle creatures that are attacking the city. :Note: The nevrean couple is male (left) and female (right).
A sergal is fighting off Tal's "venomous weasel".

Most of feral them are harmful to sentient races, a wide range of people make a individual method for coping with them in each place. In modern time, people everyday use them to industry by developed hunting technology, not only repulsing. Like that, they are very close to a life of sentient races in any case.

Creatures which are classified in talyxian species avoid salts for some reason, hence Eltus people use salts as safety protection against harmful talyxian creatures in many areas. In the episode of Vilous comics, "salt outpost" on page 4 of "Gathering Herbs" is one of example of those.

There are not so many dangerous creatures in mountains and desert zone. But there are very lot of dangerous and ferocious creatures in forest zone mainly, it is reckless to walk the suburbs without arms. People generally use car or horse, and sometime surround themselves with bodyguards to get across the suburbs. A bodyguard is very popular job in a tourist sites, and an areas where there are always a lot of caravans on road. Local hunters, or guards of bandits who have many knowledge of wildlife serve as a guide often, and people can hire them at a low rate. Especially, sergals have most superior ability for coping with primitive creatures.


Sergals in the Thekan that is Talyxian-Plants grassy plain or woods.

The common "plants" of Tal are akin to sessile organisms similar to barnacles, actinia, sponges, or basket stars. Most of those are classified under Talyxian-Plants. They usually don't have chlorophyl, and their features are totally different from Earth's common flora. They also are primitive creatures.
Main article:Talyxian-Plants

Green plants with chlorophyl similar to the ones from Earth are belonging to Eltus-Plants, not Tal's original flora. And they are fairly rare sight, making them a desirable and fairly valuable item on Tal.

Domestic animals

Female Nevrean milkman who rides the shellfish horse, and she sell the "shellfish milk" to sergal.

There are various domestic animals in Tal, most known domestic animals (mainly quadruped herbivores like a cows, horses, pigs, and sheep) were derived from shellfish creatures. Shellfish species are generally docile, harmless for sentient races, and people can tame them easy, and are able to do selective breeding. But also they will become easy to feral animals if they lost owner or left from cultured habitation.

They have a good quality of their meat, most of them are able to be ridden by people for locomotion, and a "shellfish milk" that are taken from cow-type of them is very popular animal products in Southern dairy farmer.

Cows, bulls, and horses are usually called as "shellfish", but there also are domestic animals that are not classified under shellfish species; chickens, birds, dogs, and feral animals maybe show nature of talyxian or so on. Such animals have very various differences of physical features, for example there are very long legs things, legless things, and small bipedal things that are tamed as pets. Unlike Earth's biology, their species division are not classified in strict definition by people. As common features of Tal's living things, they are able to be done crossbred or selective breeding by experts even if they have totally different appearances mutually.

Desert creatures

There are some various creatures, "Shiniku-asari(Carrion eater, or Scavenger)", land worms, small leeches, and "Koyubigai(Little finger shellfish)" in the Sailzane. People see them rarely, but they sometimes come on neighborhood of the Gold Ring due to saltlake's water. They don't avoid salts so much, and tougher to dryness, and radiation than forest creatures. Some microkinds of them are increasing on Colvilous saltlake, members of "Gold Ring gardener association" have difficulty dealing with suppressing and eliminating them.

Their microkinds that people can't watch them by the naked eye bring a threat peculiarly than middle or small size of them. Salts that Eltus prefer are poisonous for Talyxian-Plants, are able to defend from Talyxian-Plants. But if a few of Talyxian creatures who don't avoid salts increase and mutate, they cause that salts will produce many chlorine that are poisonous for Eltus-Plants. Also bigger size of them than the small size of them may promote activity of their microkinds.