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Welcome to The Vilous Official Wiki, you can find everything related to the world of Vilous (ビロウス)!

As this wiki is still under construction, please pardon our dust!

Important note: Information comes earlier on the Japanese pages. There's actually some delay when it comes to English page updates due to the need of translation. As a result, we are recruiting people who know correct Japanese and English to make translation work go faster.

Important note 2: This new wiki runs directly from, though it is in still under construction during the move from old wiki. Because of this, there are some errors, including that a category page doesn't work properly like it did on the previous website. Now our wiki team is currently working to fix and improve these errors. If you are in a hurry, our old wiki that is a collaborative wikia is still available for current information. Please consider trying it if your search results do not prove helpful. Thank you for understanding, and we are sorry if this inconveniences you.

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Vilous Fandom Wiki
All Fan-Stories and creations go there! Any Fan-Stories that were featured on this site have been moved to the Vilous Fandom Wiki.