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2703, 2024

Sergal Meet at Texas Furry Fiesta ’24

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The Texas Furry Fiesta 2024 Sergal Meetup on Saturday began with the usual Cheese Wheel ritual (no chanting or mantras this time); there were nearly couple dozen in attendance and all tossed their head in for the shot. The group then later ushered down stairs to The Open Palette restaurant, lured in by wedge shaped wall there to entice Sergals.

Thanks to @AlphaNorthcoat for the additional photos.

1305, 2023

Sergal Meet at Furry Weekend Atlanta ’23

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Furry Weekend Atlanta hosted an impromptu Sergal meetup, the event which begun with a group photo shortly ended with the Sergal Head Cheese Wheel ritual of placing fursuiter Sergal heads together in the form of a circle.

1803, 2023

Sergal Meet at Texas Furry Fiesta ’23

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Texas Furry Fiesta at the Dallas Sheraton had an impromptu Sergal meetup hosted by Alpha Northcoat. The meet lasted approximately an hour with everyone “merping” at each other before conducting the Sergal head cheese wheel ritual that is performed at every meet; this cheese wheel was a little unique with the Rain Silves and Krysune plushes (available at BoldKobold Store) sitting on the big wheel of Sergal heads.

1405, 2022

Spring Updates – May 2022

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Hey Vilous Fans!

Hope everyone has been well during the lull of updates.

We have officially updated the Vilous Official Wiki with the most up-to-date version of Mediawiki! Things should be a lot smoother and function a lot better going forward; so stay tuned on Mick’s Patreon for further updates within Vilous and her current art postings!

Currently the Technical team is in maintenance mode ensuring the Vilous website stays updated and functioning, any other major updates will be posted in the future.

Thanks for your patience and continued support,

Vilous Technical

402, 2022

Winter Update 2022

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Hello Vilous Fans!

Hope everyone has been faring well during the pandemic; stay safe and healthy.

We are pleased to announce some changes to site along with new content. The home page of the site has been updated to include links to the Vilous Discord and Fan Wiki for greater community involvement and links for more Vilous content from Mick’s FurAffinity and an Official References page, which includes the newest Nevrean reference sheet just recently released.

Thanks for your patience and continued support,

Your Vilous Team

2103, 2020

Vilous Spring Update

By |March 21, 2020|0 Comments

Dear Fans and Friends,

It is with heavy hearts that we need to announce a change of plans.
With the current situation across the world with the COVID-19 virus, event gatherings and conventions have been cancelling and rescheduling their events across the board. Our Team is all still healthy currently, but we do hope everyone is able to stay safe and sound with the rising risk and anxieties following every news update.

So how does this affect the Vilous community?
Prior to this weekend, we were planning on appearing at the BLFC convention in Reno, Nevada. In consideration of the increasing risks of a large gathering of attendees, the BLFC staff have decided to reschedule their event to the weekend of October 31. That does mean that we will not be at a convention in May this year. However, on a good note, all accepted art gallery participants and vendors are permitted to keep their reservations, so as a result, we DO plan on attending the Fall session of BLFC 2020. We will be featuring a Dealer Den table, hopefully a panel or two, and ideally have at least one Vilous artist in the Art Gallery Show.

In the meantime, our next appearance is aimed towards Indy Fur Con, in Indianapolis, during the weekend of August 27-30, 2020. We will keep you updated if there are any changes regarding that convention as well.

For a dash of positive news, we should be cooking up some wonderful new products for everyone to enjoy, as well as readying another exciting episode of the Vilous manga as our current one begins to draw to a close. Again, updates will be forthcoming once we know more. You can probably expect another letter in June, if not sooner!

Thanks for your patience and support!

Your Vilous Team