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Mr. Yaji, Yaji Telber(ヤジさん Yaji-San, ヤジ・テルベル) is the name of Eastern sergal character who appears in The comics series of Vilous daily life in Gold Ring.

Yaji Telber
Mr. Yaji and his cat Mowamowa, in ZUvo restaurant.




Eastern Sergal



Present Habitat:

Gold Ring


Mick Ono

He is male Eastern sergal who is about 30 years old in Earth's time. He came from Reono, and is living in Gold Ring now. He has deep green fur, and large-build body as common features which can be seen on Eastern sergals.

On "Mowamowa goes the Hospital page 4", he mentioned that his house is in next door to "Two Maples" are located in western Gold Ring, near part of the Docos shopping mall that extends into other parts of the city.

He has kind-heart while often show carefree sergal nature is easygoing with little worry about everything.

One day, he found Mowamowa who were being harassed and pressured by Boor and Cap. He interrupted it and began a much kinder life for Mowamowa. As Mowamowa did not reveal her name, Mr. Yaji calls her “Fuwafuwa”, which means ‘fluff’.

In the old time, he was working in the measures branch office for wildlife. However, young Yaji was some excessive self-confidence, and he got paralysis poison to his left foot numb from a Talyxian creature called Ibotarashi when he gripped its tentacle carelessly. Due to this, he became to be hard to continue his work, then he had changed his occupation to a plasterer.

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