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Vilous (ビロウス birousu) is the name of the fictional Sun, and also a name of the science-fantasy world setting and universe created by the two Japanese artists Mick Ono and Kiki CR.

In the Old Age canon, "Vilous" was the name of the main planet. However, in the New Age canon lore, "Vilous" is the name for the fixed star and main Solar System; the main planet where creatures live is now called "Planet Tal".


It is populated by wondrous creatures and strange flora, with sentient species of different origin interacting with one another.

The primary organism groups in Vilous are divided into two broad groups: Eltus and Talyxians. The most well-known species from the Vilous universe, Sergals, belongs to the group of Eltus race. A general outlook upon the scene and biology of Vilous system shows Planet Tal is considerably different from Earth. Strange plants which do not have chlorophyll occupy most of the planet, demonstrating their unusual characteristics in more reddish and purples tones. There are animals on Tal that are peculiarly different as well from Earth's animals; although they may share the same name, these are not at all similar to their original namesakes, save by some trait or attribute.

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A long time ago, people and creatures called Eltus were living on the planet. One day, an environmental catastrophe advanced to deadly proportions and the "mock living things", fabricated creatures called Talyxians, came to occupy the whole planet as a new ecosystem, in order to keep the planet alive. The oceans and many Eltus species creatures drastically decreased. The Eltus people's bodies changed to resemble animals, and were divided from a single human form into three parts: Sergal, Agudner, and Nevrean.

Aeons later, the people of the Eltus and their respective races still retain a sense of recognizing themselves as human, although as a whole, they are unaware of their original human form, and of their original culture. Planet Tal has totally changed into an alien wilderness, covered by Talyxian Biomes. People try to save Eltus Biomes on a daily basis in order to revive their original environment while surviving in the harsh and strange Talyxian environment.

The birth of the irregular person known as Rain Silves is a turning point, and the whole of Tal comes to have a new history called, which is recorded as the Rain Calendar. Throughout a hundred years history within the Rain Calendar, the Eltus people undergo turbulent changes via the World War that is brought by General Rain. The main original stories are made in the omnibus form for showing the Vilous worldview and history side by side.


All artworks which can be seen on this Wiki and may include fan characters. For this Wiki, we show artworks that can be said to be fitting to canon. However, please keep it in mind fan characters itself is still not official characters who appear on original stories.

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