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Infobox location
Placeholder location.png
Vital statistics
Type {{{type}}}
Level {{{level}}}
Location {{{location}}}
Inhabitants {{{inhabitants}}}

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used to create a location infobox.
Type {{infobox location|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Sample output
{{infobox location
| name        = Land of Bob [defaults to pagename]
| image       = Image:Example.jpg
| imagewidth  = [defaults to 250]
| caption     = Bob the Flower
| map         = Image:Example.jpg
| mapwidth    = [defaults to 250]
| mapcaption  = Land of Bob
| type        = Garden
| level       = 10-20
| location    = Earth
| inhabitants = Flowerfolk

Results in...

Land of Bob
Bob the Flower
Bob the Flower
Vital statistics
Type Garden
Level 10-20
Location Earth
Inhabitants Flowerfolk