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Bakku's reference sheet

Bakku Tomaa (バクー・トマー) is the name of the male Agudner who appears in the Dark Clouds of the Shigu episode of the comic.

An agudner boy with long ears and reddish brown fur. He had a slender build in his childhood, but he grew to a rather pudgy build after he matured. He has two small horns on his top of the head with slight differences in length. He also has a third horn on the back part of his head, but due to its small size, Bakku's thick fur hides it from view. 


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Bakku in Vilous comic "Dark Clouds of Shigu".








New Age




Bakku was born in Reono and spent his childhood there up to the age of five, until the Shigu invaded. Accompanied by his uncle, Bakku left his hometown — including his parents and friends. Together they moved to the city of Gold Ring. He was brought up as a merchant, but never had a chance to gain experience as a peddler. Even after the end of the World War and Reono began reconstruction from the Shigu invasion, Bakku had not yet decided on whether he might return to Reono or stay in Gold Ring. He was afraid that his family may have died at the hands of General Rain and her Shigu clan, and did not want to return and confirm his fears were true. Then, when he learned that his old friend Ged was still alive, they were able to start a new life in Gold Ring. Starting up a restaurant that served meals using ingredients from Reono was a dream of Ged's since his childhood, and Bakku was more than eager to help him to accomplish his goal.

Tomaa Family

The Tomaa family is a group of traders which formed an association, originating from Gold Ring. A group of mercantile people whom have kept to crossing the dangerous forests and deserts back and forth with their wagon car between Gold Ring and Reono areas from generation to generation. They have a home based in both Gold Ring and Reono where their elderly and young would stay at home and not take part in dangerous trades. Overall, the main livelihood of the Tomaa family remains in Reono.

Bakku's father

The name is undecided. He belongs to a family of peddlers which travel and sell their wares between Gold Ring and Reono. He is part of multiple families, most of which reside in Reono. When the Shigu invaded Reono, he could not leave his elderly parents , grandparents and Bakku's younger siblings. He then decided to remain behind in Reono with relatives except Deuei. Bakku never learned about their later fate, as his relatives were accepted into Shigu lands and employed as craftsmen for armor factories.

Bakku's mother

The name is undecided. Her fate followed Bakku's father, she remained in Reono with them. She was concerned with leaving the young Bakku to stay with his uncle, but due to the disquieting rumors surrounding the Shigu, she decided it was best to let him make his escape to Gold Ring. She has several other children.

Deuei Tomaa

Bakku's Uncle. He was entrusted with the horses and carriages by Bakku's father and formulated a plan to escape to Gold Ring.  During their escape they suffered an attempted attack by the Shigu Army but still reached Gold Ring nonetheless. He would never return to Reono as a peddler, however, due to the war growing more intense. Instead, he had settled down in Gold Ring and worked mainly as a merchant, accepting trades of imported lumber and food. He acted as a substitute for Bakku's father and imparted a lot of mercantile knowledge to him. Bakku took over some of the job responsibilities in the later years after his uncle became bedridden, up until he passed away.

Aesuna Tomaa

Deuei's Daughter. She was born in Gold Ring and is older than Bakku. Her mother is deceased. Both of her parents were absent at home most of the time, but she had grown up healthy alongside other children in their terraced house within Gold Ring. When Bakku arrived in Gold Ring, she was already living independently outside of Deuei's home, in a boarding house owned by the Architectural Guild hoping to gain experience as an architect. She had never experienced or practiced peddling. Later on she marries Bakku and they have a daughter together. Afterwards she leaves Gold Ring and moves back to Reono in order to aid with the reconstruction efforts, using her architect skills gained, after her father's death around the year 50RC. She had written many letters to Bakku in the meantime, pleading for his return to Reono but has never succeeded in convincing him to do so.


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