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An Agudner lady is standing on a Fus-fus field with a sunshade.

Fus-Fus (フシフシ Fushi Fushi) are a species of plant type creatures which belong to the Talyxian organism group.

They are known for features that are similar to that of cotton, and static in nature, and harmless behavior and ecology towards the Eltus races and Eltus organisms. As an example that reflects this fact, Fus-Fus fields are sometimes planted next to fields of Eltus cotton plants. Fusfus fibers are also famous as useful material, can be consumed by folks to make clothing.

A large scale of Fus-Fus fields can be found in two locations, for where are Eltus habitats, the rural area on the eastern side of Salt Lake ColVilous located in the southern Tal and a village in the neighborhood of Lyvank Mountains located in the eastern Tal.

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