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The wood in the Lower Magoe area. Strange and alien Talyxian trees can be seen here. The bark of red trees shows the vivid pink glitter through the reflection of sunlight.

Lower Magoe (マゴイシタ, "Magoe-th-eta" in Japanese pronunciation) is the wood or forest type Talyxian biome region, located on the southeast of the planet Tal.

Riskiness depends on the areas, some shallower areas are still comparatively safe for Eltus race people and being explored and pioneered by people.

There's a small shrine for shamans in the deeper area, but a pilgrimage to there has high risk due to much dangerous wildlife and so on.

A record of the explorer

In the afternoon. The sunlight pours down to the red trees, the bark of trees shows the vivid pink glitter through branches of trees.

Mucilaginous "blood-river" flowing slowly, it looks like moving wriggly. The strange texture sands, it's like yellowish clay. And... all of the rainbow leaves have dazzling light, I feel like they could rob my sanity even through this "Sensation Filter".

I know here is such a risky and alien talyxian biome area, but I somehow feel some kind of nostalgic memory from the depths of my heart... Anyway, I'm gonna keep myself carefully while I'm not sure what I should do.

There is the "quad-fellow", the guide for me, they are keeping sit in the same place since a little while ago. It means that here is still a safety zone, so I'm gonna try observation around here at this opportunity.

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