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Tal's weasel, biology chart.

Talyxian Weasels (タリクシアンのイタチ), also known as "Killer Land-shrimp", commonly known as Tal's "Weasels" are a species which belongs to the Talyxian organism group. They are known as a very dangerous creature and generally treated as a pest. They have two type venomous stingers, each separately work against Eltus and Talyxians.

They are native species to the forested regions of Talyxian biomes such as Magoe and Thekan. While they are not regarded as the most dangerous creatures found in Talyxian biomes, they are known to be a common menace to villages dotted across Tal.


They can grow to the size of up to two meters, and develop among large seeding plants which acts as their nursery bed.

The carapace is hard and has venom in its three stingers. When taken as a game, a weasel's outer shell can be cleanly peeled away to expose the meat underneath. The meat is gray and can be eaten but it is not delicious.


It is thought that the venom produced by the legs and body acts primarily on Eltus victims, and the venom from the head-mounted stingers is more effective against other Talyxian creatures.

When an Eltus victim is stung by a weasel, a sweet and sour taste spreads in the mouth and the victim becomes immobilized for half a day, along with with body pain.

Reproduction system

The distinction between males and females is unknown.

They are oviparous (egg-laying), they will lay eggs as much as 10 centimeters in Talyxian trees and spend their childhood among them.

They carefully examine trees with the claws above their heads and find cavities. The now-vacated cavity is turned into a nest for its young. Most cavities they find suitable already have other smaller animals already residing within them. These other animals have conveniently made a suitable place for the weasel to raise their larval offspring, and the original inhabitants are removed or sometimes eaten by the adult weasel.

Their larvae will begin to eat each other inside wood after hatching soon, then finally only one larva can come out from the tree.

Young weasels grow up to 1 meter, but those in suburban and urban areas are small in order to use abandoned houses and private houses.


They usually are found acting alone, but also can be seen in a group of 3 to 6 animals.

Weasels are omnivorous, if it is Talyxian material it will devour the buildings and clothes. Dead Talyxian is good food. Human's(Eltus people) fur skin is their favorite.

Relation with Eltus people

A sergal is fighting off Tal's weasel.

The lives of weasels cannot be separated from the trees of the forest that they depend on.

Weasels were not originally found to inhabit areas in the vicinity of Gold Ring and the Sailzane, but with the importation of lumber came an influx of weasels.

Occasionally there are juvenile weasels in the dismantled lumber. Going unnoticed, they grew into adults and can then became a nuisance.

In addition, because they cannot survive in the desert, those growing up in abandoned houses, barns, etc will make a flock and move to urban areas seeking food. In this case, the size is often large and it is considerably dangerous.

Because it is not unusual for a weasel to lodge in timber in Reono architecture, "weasel inspection" is often done, with many people taking part in it at once as a seasonal event.


Breeding has been established, movement is fast, mind-boggling, well-known and at coliseum show it is a standard creature. In addition, permission is necessary for breeding.

The weasels that the warriors are fighting in the Vilous comic episode 3 were found in imported lumber and raised for the show at the GR biological variety or medical facility. Materials are not so valuable, body parts are easily injured, so adult adults never get imported alive.

The back skin is famous among materials. Because it is excellent in both hardness and cushioning properties, it is used for armor connections and abdomen armor of police uniforms. It is also used to make chair legs and gloves.

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