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Poor Southern Sergal siting in the Sailzane desert.

Sailzane(セイルザーン) is the greatest desert zone of Tal. Salt Lake ColVilous and Gold Ring are located on the south part of this desert.

As "Sailzane" means "the white sea", colors of rock and sand are almost identical to white. Soil includes salts in the underground, there is no rich source of life but also a lack of many hostile creatures.


Due to a lack of many hostile creatures, there are few threats originated from predatory wildlife, however, there is no rich source of life as well, surviving in or crossing the desert is still not easy for people who are unprepared.

Even if there is a fact of lack of hostile creatures, as there are deep sandy fields and a possibility of strong sandstorms, preparing the artificial road on the desert is still quite risky and difficult.

Due to these desert environments, laying lines down on the Sailzane is very difficult, there will be no railways going outward from Gold Ring to foreign countries / nations such as Reono or Shigu for a long period of time. Thus, the Eltus people use caravans with carriages for transport across the desert in the meantime.


As common features, many creatures that inhabit the desert are generally not directly hostile to Eltus people. As a noticeable example, popular small animals well-known in Gold Ring, Talyxian Hamsters, it's known well that they have originated from Sailzane desert.

There are few natural enemies for each of them, however, as a food source is scarce also, their populations are generally small in number and do not form a habitation composed of a dense number of an individual.

Many of the desert-inhabiting Talyxian organisms appear biologically similar in nature to Eltus shellfish and have biology that protects them from drying out and salt exposure. Worthy of note, their nature is generally considered calmer and milder when compared with their regular counterparts.

Dondoko subspecies that inhabits in the desert is also no exception. However, this does not mean they do not possess any less hostility towards the Eltus People, as they still retain their ecological trait, the ability to detect vibrations and rush towards the point of origins in order to catch and maim prey. Due to this, travelers working in small groups of people still need to beware of the threat of this Dondoko subspecies.

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