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Shigu flag in New Age

Shigu(シーグ) is the name of Rain Silves' clan, comprised of Northern Sergals mainly, formed from a conglomerate of unified tribes under one flag. In the the New Age, it is also the name of the Northern Kingdom on Planet Tal.

During the year 28 of the Rain-Calendar, Shigu is founded as a Kingdom for Northern Sergals when Rain's military forces conquer and occupy Reono lands. The Kingdom of Shigu is the only self-standing country on Tal. Until Rain's emergence as a leader and her efforts to unify the northern tribes, there was no Imperial rule in Northern Lands.

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Northern Sergals sparring, also can see other races who are galleries in background.

Shigu is known as a Kingdom consisting of Northern Sergals mainly, but there are other races serving as slaves. The Shigu acquired resources by pillaging whilst conquering Eastern and Western lands, thus many Eastern Agudners and other races were taken as "Technology slaves". The combatant force of the Shigu is comprised only of Sergals, therefore other races are treated as workers or slaves.


Because of the absence of Text and Verbal Language within Northern Lands in the past, native Northern Citizens can't speak fluently and generally cannot read or write text. Even Rain and Leeric themselves were not able to use language during their earlier years. As for text, they could not write any until the end of their days.

Within the Shigu, "Technology Slaves" receive comparatively good treatment whilst Farmers are treated like serfs, ending up on the receiving end of merciless treatment.


Shigu Economy depended on pillaged resources. Northern sergals having almost completely abandoned their hunter-gatherer lifestyle after Rain's dominium took over, prefering to gather food and resources through pillaging their rival clans and other acts of oppression. Although Rain hunted wildlife in her youth, her lust for warfare and pillaging other lands was too strong of an urge to be ignored. At the end of the dynastic era, she indulged in forcing serfs to cook food for her.

Ultimately, The Shigu Kingdom collapsed due to exhaustion from the years of ongoing war and the breakdown of it's own internal administration. Leaving to waste all the lands they had conquered and pillaged previously, ruthless military expansionism that spread forces out too thin, with only one method of sustaining itself via pillaging.

Aside from that, strangely, every primitive creature generally avoids the area that Rain is in.

Technique and armies

Shigu armies. Can see the full version in Vilous Official Art-pack#1.

Most of the Shigu workforce is composed of captured individuals from other races. Their combatants within the army are purely Sergals. Other races had not been used in combat.

(If nevreans had been used in combat, the invasion of Gold Ring might have been a successful endeavor.)

The Military Technology of the Shigu advanced rapidly as they pillaged the resources of their Eastern and Midland Neighbours. The Agudner "technology slaves" were captured and forced to perform specialized research for the Shigu. With these results, the military technology had developed fantastically. Worthy of note is the acquisition of Eastern armor, which was ultimately revised and repurposed for pure combat use by Agudner "Technology Slaves". The Resulting armor design is now regarded as the standard, typical Sergal Armor. Northerners originally were unable to make such armor because of their lack of resources and technology.

In addition to the Agudners, they employ a few Biology student Sergals as scholars.

Rain Silves, Kadd the Staff officer and Leeric, Captain of the Special attack corps, all benefit from the presence of special guards, tasked with their protection.

The rise and fall

Northen market after World War, at the Shigu Dukedom.

The Shigu timeline can be read in a chronological table at Vilous Chronology

With Rain's dominance established, the Shigu Army conquered the Eastern Reono lands at first, swiftly invading the Western lands afterwards. Thus, Western sergals are annihilated and the cultural exchange alongside with the relationship between Western Sergals and Native nevreans is extinguished.

The Shigu set their sights on Gold Ring afterwards, whilst having gained total control over Reono lands, they attempt their very first invasion of the city, which is promptly repelled by the Gold Ring Vigilance committee through use of their readily available complex buildings, high ground and water channels. Afterward, The Shigu repeatedly tried to gain a foothold in Gold Ring for a decade, but ultimately all attempts failed.

Shigu were not the only ones who had sustained damage from ongoing warfare, because of the massive war conflict, the distribution networks were shattered, causing Gold Ring to suffer directly. The country lay in ruin because of battles waged across the whole known world of Tal. Diseases began to spread and the cost of resources soared. About two thirds of the total Tal populace was lost due to the price inflation, famine as a result and weak individuals suffering loss at the hands of wildlife, etc..

During the last years of Rain's Dynasty, till the collapse of the Kingdom, the Northern people are divided as follows; The ones who restart a simple, traditional lifestyle, the ones who try to reconstruct Reono and the ones that willingly go to Gold Ring as refugees. After the end of the war, the battered Shigu and Reono were able to walk the path to reform and reconstruction

For a while after the World War, the Shigu lands developed a large city of their own, second only to Gold Ring, The "Shigu Dukedom" (Or Shigu Public) . Due to the intrinsic Sergal nature of not holding grudges, anyone willing and able helped and cooperated with Northern sergals and as a result, their lands developed and globalized. Many Northerners have also gained the ability to use civilized spoken language and text since the foundation of the Shigu Dukedom.

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