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Eltus races of the police of Gold Ring City. Agudner, female nevrean, Southern sergal.
Newcanon.png This article contains information classified under the New Age canon.
Eltus(エルタス Erutasu) is the species group of creatures that include plants consisting of plural kinds. Sergals, Agudners, and Nevreans are the main sentient species and representative races of the Eltus group, and each of them are commonly referred to as the "Eltus race" or "Eltus people". They are also regarded as the "human existence" on the planet Tal. Unlike Talyxians, all creatures belonging to the Eltus group share many biological features that are common to creatures of Earth. The most noticeable feature of these is that Eltus races have red blood.

Eltus race

The festival in Tal, there are all of Eltus race people there. Sergals, nevreans, and agudners.

The Eltus race, also referred to by just "Eltus" or "Eltus people", is racial group of sentient species that belong to Eltus. There are three well-known humanoid races that have many features reminiscent of Earth's animals: Sergals, Nevreans, and Agudners. They are also called "the red-blood people". They are treated as same group of species, but they are unable to reproduce or cross-breed between different races. (i.e.: sergals and nevreans can't bear their children between them.)

In canon story, all Eltus races consider themselves "human". Because of this, they call each other "human" as a conceptual recognition. In addition, their civil rights are treated as "human rights".

Originally, they were a completely humanoid race identical to humans of Earth. But their bodies were shifted to humanoid animal bodies that are well known as anthropomorphic race, and all Eltus are currently living on Planet Tal for now. Thus they retain a sense of recognizing themselves as human beings, although as a whole, they are unaware of their original human form.

When it is written as only "Eltus race", it usually shows modern Eltus race as a race that have anthropomorphic appearances.

Common features of all Eltus race

Babies of modern Eltus race

They have red blood and four fingers, and their internal anatomical build is basically the same as most creatures of Earth. However, their digestive organs and sense of taste are completely different from humans and Earth animals.

The common appearance of all newborn Eltus offspring is a small gray and fluffy body. When Eltus young reach around 2 years old, in the Earth's time, all their fur is completely regrown in their respective natural color.

As a common feature of Eltus race, they generally don't have antipathy or aversion to homosexuals. Also peculiarly for sergals and nevreans, they are not commonly monogamous, unlike humans.

As for people who are living in communal families, their family values is differ from a typical human family's values. For them, a partner for conceiving a child is regarded separately from a partner as a prospective suitor. Because they raise children as a group and combined society, the individual need for childbearing is less than for human family units. Couples of different species (who cannot conceive a child and increase the group population) flourish and have no worries about a population decrease from their lack of procreation.

However, agudners have familial loyalty for their biological children. They prefer to remain with one partner, due to their closeness in biology and behavior to mammals and humans. Specifically they feel "strong emotion", "emotional attachment", and "caring quality of one's child". Because of this, some agudners may have trouble accepting the polyamory behavior and relationships of sergals and nevreans (for example: some of them may not favor sexual intercourse with a person who is not one's own partner). But they usually are able to live together in peace.

And there are also many who see "sexual intercourse and romance of heterosexuals within one race" and "sexual intercourse and romance of heterosexuals between other race" as something different. In this way, as an example, if two Eltus males (a nevrean male and a sergal male) form a romantic connection, it is not considered a homosexual one, as the species are different. Only if a union is of the same gender and species is it considered as homosexual.

Origin of Eltus race

The prototype of Eltus race, original Eltus.

The original "Eltus race" people were having appearance that was very similar to the humans of Earth.

Due to unknown event, their human forms were changed into bodies that mixed human and animal features, and were divided to respective races as sergals, nevreans, and agudners. All of modern Eltus race don't know this fact while the they only think of it as a myth. See Also: Myth on Gold Ring that describe origin of three Eltus race


Plants belong to Eltus species have chlorophyll like Earth's one, as they are also known as "green plants". However, they are a fairly rare sight, making them a desirable and fairly valuable item on Tal.

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There's creatures such as animals, fishes, and bugs that belong to Eltus species on Tal. They are very few in number, like the Eltus plants, and have similar appearances and biology to Earth's creatures.

There are farmed algae and fish that are classified as Eltus origin in the ColVilous salt lake, and they are considered among the highest grade of food for Eltus people.

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