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Sergals in the Thekan, the Talyxian-Plants grassy plain / woods.

Talyxian biomes(タリクシアン植生) consists of many different Talyxian creatures. Most of the forests in Tal are this. They contain many dangers to Eltus races depending on the location.


The line between animal and plant differences are hazy and ambiguous. Creatures that have completely differences can mate together, and often do. Many species of talyxian plant can move around like animals. They do not have chlorophyll like Eltus plants, but they can also obtain energy by photosynthesis, rock decomposition and geothermal conversion.

Mainly talyxian plants have colors including red, purple, white, gray and black. Like all other talyxians they cannot metabolize salt and upon eating a creature that contains salt, will excrete "hizomi-nonbon" to dispose the consumed salt.

In the deeper parts of the huge Talyxian vegetation such as the northernmost primitive forests and Magoe-th-eta , some plants produce a strong miasma. This gas affects the mind which causes drunk-like inebriation to the Eltus races that encounter it. In these areas a breathing apparatus and perceptual filter equipment is necessary.

Relationship With Civilization

Thought the forests and the creatures in it are mostly considered harmful to settlements and the Eltus people, things that are harmless to them are considered edible and hard parts are used as building materials. It is common for hardened felons to be used to try out new substances to check if they are edible or poisonous, they continue these tests until they die.

When people discovered that Talyxians could not metabolize salt, some settlements would disinfect water with salt and treat the land with light salt water to discourage them from trespassing.

Creatures and parts of them that are safe, beautiful and have a good fragrance are often sold for ornamental use. They can be processed into various items such as living goods, building materials, chemicals, and weapons. In the eastern part of Gold Ring, sphere shaped fruits are cultivated from specific rocks and turned into a fuel for lanterns. Most of these materials are disinfected with salt water before processing.

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