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Urban Nevreans. Left is male, right is female.

A Nevreans who live in urban areas such as Gold Ring.
First, they came to Gold Ring as refugees from Nevrea land, due to the genocide in western lands by Shigu, approx the year 28 in Rain-Calendar.
Their culture and behavior is totally different from Natives.

Their integration with Gold Ring is more recent than Sergals and Agudners, therefore they are passed the unequal treatment and a race problems that include a racial discrimination.

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Racial treatment in Gold Ring

They came over to Gold Ring since the year 28 in Rain-Calendar. Thus their history as citizens of city is newer than sergals and agudners. Most of problems are caused by this.

Unlike sergals and agudners who are native citizens of Gold Ring, nevreans are treated as a foreign residents. And then, they were not having complete 'human rights' due to underdeveloped, opaque legal system. Because of this and other reasons, much of them were bought, were put in lower class, were treated in an inhumane manner.

One more of big reason that was caused discrimination is female nevreans' nature. Basic nature of females gave "weird, spooky, and doubtful" impression to other races of Gold Ring. Moreover, their serious, severe personality add more bad vibes to this. Because of this, many females can't get their jobs, then it had led to increasing of many perpetrator females like robbers. It made trend of 'discrimination against nevreans' completely.

Big racial discrimination with 'discrimination against nevreans' was continuing until after the year 70 in Rain-calendar. Racial treatment for nevreans was very unfair, merciless, and direful things for a long time. Even their life was downplayed, they were often sacrificed for the "Vore show".

After the year 70 in Rain-calendar, new law guaranteed to give definite 'human rights' for nevreans, and treated them as "the third race of Gold Ring citizens". Then, discrimination and unfair treatment will ease gradually after that.


Many jobs of Gold Ring had been existed for only sergals and agudners originally. Because of this, there is little work performed by nevreans that cannot also be handled by sergals or agudners. Nevreans who do not excel in their skills or beauty may have difficulty finding fulfilling work. Females will most often find work as construction/scaffold workers, guards or crafters and metalworkers. Males will typically find work that takes advantage of their appearance such as hospitality, childcare, merchantry and light manual labor. There is some demand for nevrean workers, but their earning opportunities are limited.

Many females who cannot find honest work will turn to banditry and those without a legitimate job are often treated as scoundrels. And as such they can face prejudice and mistrust from other Eltus races, sergals and agundners. They discredit the reputation of the nevrean race as a whole. This trends had led to one of reasons of the big racial discrimination against all of urban nevreans in Gold Ring after world war.

Many traditions of the natives or Nevrea have been lost over the generations that have settled in Gold Ring, and customs such as the wing cutting ceremony have been lost.

Urban Males

Urban Male Nevrean
In the city,
Since they come over to the city, they are treated well soon due to their nature that is cute, beautiful, and amiable to everyone.

They are easy to get the service industry because they are amiable and beautiful. And some males will make use of makeup and showy behavior in order to stand out, especially merchants or those in the hospitality or sex trade. The most of nevrean sex workers are males, and most often sought by male sergals.

Males that have turned to prostitution to make ends meet are seen as a shame to the nevrean race, selling their bodies to others regardless of race or gender and devaluing their own beauty in the process. Because originally their sexual intercourse is strictly carried out for only serious reproductive purpose, and every behavior and expression from romance related to males beauty had been kept as clean and platonic manner due to their traditional culture sense. However, urban nevreans became no longer follow those their traditional rules due to environment and social differences. Those prostitute males lost their original poetic sense that had been filled with various spiritual and platonic ways, and instead of it, almost all of them began to product the erotic songs that praise a lewd behavior in the similar style for satisfy their customer Gold Ring residents. At results, those change gave more bad influence to their females mental state because females had valued their original sense and style, and were hard to accept those new style songs. Those situation and trends will change after the found of Sabi no Wa. (Described later)

If they do work not to depend on their appearance, they are good at designer, artist, and advertising business with their superior aesthetic sense and communicative competence.


Urban Females

Nevrean lady she lives in Gold Ring city.

They are passed very bitter life with many discrimination and prejudice, unlike males.

There are the biased view "female nevreans are merciless, cruel, weird, and doubtful" as common knowledge among urban sergals and agudners. But it is really discriminatory prejudice. Many urban sergals and agudners distrust every female nevrean due to their scary appearance, unamiable behavior, taciturn nature, and poker face. They never know female nevreans' "true nature" until present day. Therefore many female nevreans can't get or lost their jobs, so such females go to evil way like Out Ring. The strong prejudice - "Female nevreans are scoundrel" is established among sergals and agudners.

Male nevreans may be known to leave their partners to pursue work in the sex industry. This can be especially devastating to their partners who may turn to brutality out of grief over their failure to protect their partner. These dispossessed females may turn to a life of part time employment and petty crime.

Unlike males, female sex workers being rarer due to their rugged appearance and potentially dangerous talons. Females may buy the services of male prostitutes on the side.

Normally, they are good at bank clerks, guards, and lawyers with their secretiveness nature. But as their trust is low and because they lack amiable, it is hard to get important jobs.

In city, the culture to make a pen with the own's feather which a females cut off by coming-of-age ceremony will be popular. In Nevrea land, the culture to make an arrow with the own's feather which a females cut off by coming-of-age ceremony exist. In short, that the arrow becomes the pen in the city. There is a very big pen made with her flight feather in a house of female Nevrean in the city. They continue keeping it carefully all the time. Urban female nevreans will make sergals and agudners and relations of the affinity in this way.

"Sabi no Wa"

Urban Nevreans. There are some Nevreans included in the "Sabi no wa".

"Sabi no Wa(錆の輪, The Ring of The Rust)" is the progressive group for all urban nevreans of new generation, to build the new nevrean culture.

As generations have passed among Urban nevreans, some traditional gender differences have been eroded as parental role models have disappeared. Recent generations of Urban nevreans have begun to rebel and build a new culture aimed at unifying and bridging the gap between genders.

They have begun to develop and incorporate electronic music into their musical culture. Female youths may dye their feathers and males may carry guns. While there has not been a complete gender role reversal, the disparity is beginning to fade. Females have been involved in the development of flight and communication technology, and males have taken more responsibility for their own protection by developing weapons such as lightweight firearms that suit their anatomy.

Examples of their policy;
As for females, they think it is not fair that females lose sky, colors, and freedom.
As for males, they think it is not fair that males are fragile, no powers, and should be beautiful.


At first, the electronic music that reproduced Native Nevreans' traditional music with an electronic musical instrument was main. But there is no so good electronic musical instrument at that time. In addition, they did not know how to write lyrics because there are not a culture that write sentences in Nevrea land.

But when a sentence and a typewriter spread among urban Nevreans, their style suddenly changes. The techniques such as print or the advertisement are related to this, too.

As a result, urban Nevrean music have lyrics and musical score unlike Natives' music. And electronic music is those mainstream.

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