Yaji Telber

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Mr. Yaji, Yaji Telber(ヤジさん Yaji-San, ヤジ・テルベル) is the name of eastern sergal character in the New Age. He appears in The comics series of Vilous daily life in Gold Ring.

Newcanon.png This article contains information classified under the New Age canon.
Yaji Telber
Mr. Yaji and cub Cracked, in ZUvo restaurant.




Eastern Sergal


Plasterer craftsman


New Age



He is male mixed-breed sergal who is 30 years old in human's time came from Reono land.
His fur color is deep green, and he has large-build body as mixed-breed sergal.
Originally he lived in Reono's land, but he is living in Gold Ring now.
His current location is the near the "two maples" near the "DOCOS(market)" of western towns in Gold Ring city.
He has slightly tough-looking so that he is a mixed blood sergal, but he is tolerant and is kindness.

One day he helped a tormented Cracked. Then he became the owner of the her.

In old days, he worked in the Primitive creatures measures branch office.
But he was some self-conscious and wanted to look good when he was young, he came to have the left foot numb by the paralytic poison due to the tentacle-creature that he got carelessly.
Therefore a trouble came to be reflected on his work, so he changed his job to a plasterer craftsman.

Young Yaji
Young Yaji and his colleague, they were attacked by Female Nevrean robbers on the bus. Furthermore, "ibo-tarashi" the tentacle-creature came over here.
Mr. Yaji and Cracked in their house.