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This is the period before Mowamowa meets Mr. Yaji, when she was living as merely a local and feral cat in the city. There are female nevreans that are talking nearby, and an unnamed sergal is feeding Mowamowa and the other local cats.
Mr. Yaji and Mowamowa in their house.

日本語: ゴールドリング日常漫画

Daily life of Gold Ring is a comic following various stories in the modern era (around 70's on the Rain Calendar) Gold Ring, including the daily life of Mr. Yaji the Eastern sergal and the young female Talyxian-Stalker named Fuwafuwa (actual name is Mowamowa), and everything surrounding of them. Because their timeline is after the great war with General Rain Silves and is considered the modern times, almost everything is peaceful with no painful stories that are often seen in other Vilous settings.

These comics were created around 2014 and released on Mick Ono's twitter, as her personal fun doodles. Thus, the visual information might not be strict and current canon.

Mowamowa meets Mr. Yaji

Before Mowamowa met Mr. Yaji, she lived a pretty harsh life. She was sometimes bullied by local sergal brats and was occasionally bothered by two local male stalkers, named "Boor" and "Cap". (As their names show, the stalker bearing a hat is named "Cap".) Boor and Cap were very insistent, harassing and pressuring her. Despite Mowamowa’s refusals, they often tried to forcibly mate with her. However, in the story's beginning, they are interrupted by Mr. Yaji, and so begins a much kinder life for Mowamowa. As Mowamowa does not reveal her name, Mr. Yaji calls her “Fuwafuwa”, which means ‘fluff’.

Creepy Scabs: Mowamowa Goes to Hospital

One day, Mr. Yaji is petting Mowamowa as usual. However, he finds a strange scab on her right foreleg.


Mr. Yaji's daily life


Other Mr. Yaji and Mowamowa daily life

Mr. Yaji's old days

In the past, Yaji worked in the Primitive creatures measures branch office.
But he was self-conscious and eager to show off when he was young, and he came to have his left foot numbed by the paralytic poison of a tentacle-creature that he handled carelessly.
This came to reflect badly on his work, so he changed his job, becoming a common guard.

A young sergal soldier asking his friend about a weird happening. Translation by Ary based on Mick's original text.
Young Yaji and his colleague. They were attacked by female Nevrean robbers on the bus.

Mowamowa's old days

Mowamowa was bullied by bratty sergal children.

Sergal brats are bullying Mowamowa.
They are meditating to paint her with mustard.
Poor Mowamowa, she was sopping wet.
She continued enduring until they go.

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