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Red Gardeners (赤庭師) are part of the "Gardeners" classification, they are in charge of observing and processing dangerous living things. They are are also tasked with handling Talyxian creatures that are outside of the realms of Gold Ring nation.

Roles and Duties

A Sergal Red Gardener, sporting their typical armor and wielding a Syringe spear. They are pouncing upon prey!

They live in the outskirts of Gold Ring's desert, usually in outposts and such in order to carry out external observation, always. They are similar to park rangers in the sense that they are tasked with observing the state of Magoe or other Talyxian Forests. It's quite an important job because the Forests are "living" in a sense, so keeping track of how they expand, grow, and change their appearance is vital for people passing through them, expeditions, etc.

The skill to fight against Talyxian creatures is required as a Red Gardener. In order to slay threatening creatures, they will be deployed to the area when tough matters arise regarding Talyxians. In contrast, they are not good at interpersonal fights against other Eltus.

On occasion, there have been incidents wherein Talyxian Stalkers become threatening and attacked people frequently within the Gold Ring nation. During these periods, Red Gardeners were commuting towards the inner nation and stationed there. When considering their usual job description, this was an unprecedented situation.

Alongside the capturing and dealing with Talyxian creatures, they also need knowledge and skills of indexing, cultivating, and of a few chemical material fields, mainly refining and processing. Due to this, almost all of them will also work as a livestock farmer or butcher as their side job.

Towards the outer, end areas of Salt Roads heading towards Gold Ring, there are some checking stations and quarantine stations emplaced in order to prevent biological threats and illegal trades. There, Road Guards will enact inspection of cargo and merchants identification, under the coaching of Red Gardeners. Road Guards who have Red Gardeners' licenses will be more qualified due to this fact.

Armor and Equipment

The Sergal presented within the artwork belongs to the ranks of Red Gardeners, the armor and gear they are wearing are developed specifically for venturing out into and investigating Talyxian Biomes.

The spear has a function to extract a creature’s bodily fluids, acting in similarity to that of a syringe.

Their masks which double as a helmet, are used to cover and provide protection to the wearer’s face as well as keep them safe from harmful gas emissions within the Talyxian Biome.

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