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Tal's hamster
One hamster that is pet of Fiddle, who is agudner lady.

Talyxian-Hamsters (タリクシアンのハムスター), also known as "Handstand Snails" (サカアルキガイ), commonly known as Tal's "hamsters" are a species which belongs to the Talyxian organism group. Their appearance is something similar to a potato and a snail, and their sleeping methods give way to the 'handstand' nickname.

Wild species of them inhabits the Sailzane desert, especially areas filled with stones and desert plants. Their existence is known to people as a small animal that lives around the Gold Ring region. Hamsters are classified as Talyxian, but they also show biologically similar nature to shellfishes of Eltus organism group. Many other Talyxian creatures living in the desert seem to share this similarity.


Hamsters have two short tactile limbs on their rear and these are used when moving as legs. They can run quite fast using their legs, but their overall shape and weight make them easily unbalanced and prone to frequent tumbles.

Their eyes are on their head and usually hidden inside the head. They are only used when resting under the sand and peeking about at their surroundings. Because of these eyes and their legs show very similar appearance, they are often misunderstood as walking with their 'eyes', but these organs and actual legs are completely different organs.

Their mouth is suspected to be located within the wrinkles of their midsection.

They have a small size, fitting easily into the palm of a person's hand.

Their skin is slightly rough, wrinkled, feels like a human heel. This protects them from drying out and salt exposure.


Hamsters are omnivorous, eating anything they can manage to come across.

They are nocturnal, often sleeping in the sand during the daytime, but active and walking about upon their two legs at night.

They have few natural enemies in the desert, but because food is scarce, their populations are generally small in number and spread out.

Relation with Eltus people

Gold Ring citizens often keep hamsters as a pet. The city folk intentionally breed them for color changes and appearance variety. Some hamsters are dyed, but these are regarded as fancier and thus are more expensive to buy.

At the city festival, these are often sold to children. It is common to see these dyed in cheap colors like pink or green to attract interest.

Although hamsters may get 'used' to people, there is never a true 'tame' state for them. Many children choose to tie a string around them, to keep them in close proximity. Sadly, this is not a good method of care, often causing weakness and death in the pets. With their nocturnal habits, unless a pet hamster is kept in a good sand cage, they are good at escaping. This may seem amusing, but really is a tragedy, because they are so vulnerable. Talyxian cats and dogs roaming Gold Ring are keen to hunt and eat them, and without sandy ground to hide in, hamsters are easy prey. There are very few wild hamsters in the city for this reason.

They are also known as an edible creature. Because they have biologically similar nature to shellfishes of Eltus organism group, they are easy to handle as food and having a good taste. As they are generally treated very lightly, some people don't hesitate so much to eat them when got bored with the keeping of them even if that owner person originally gained them for a pet purpose.

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