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Zyn (ジン Jinn) is a term which means "God" itself or "The God of the forest" in the Sieg language. Traditional Northern people use this word to refer to Talyxian Wolves.

While the name "Zyn" is actually not the own name for a specific individual of T-wolf, it's often used in reference to the specific Talyxian wolf's name which was acting and accompanying with Rain Silves.

Rain's Zyn

Rain's Zyn
Zyn on comic.png
Zyn from Episode 2 - Dark Clouds of the Shigu.


N/A, but treated as "father" from Rain.


Talyxian Wolf




New Age


Mick Ono and Kiki CR

He was the existence that can be considered as an adoptive father of Rain Silves; though like all Talyxian Wolves cannot speak. He was called "Zyn" by Rain since all Northern people refer to Talyxian Wolves as "Zyn".

While Talyxian Wolves don't have genders, Rain's Zyn was treated like a "father", as she learned how to survive in the forest from Zyn's behavior and fighting method to face the threatening Talyxian creatures.

Generally, Talyxian Wolves can't be made into pets for people. As for the "Zyn's" case, he was acting and accompanying with Rain by his own intention.

Approx. 20 Rain-Calendar, he suddenly had left from Rain's side just after the whole Northern region was unified under Rain's forces. Then, Shigu's directional reign would begin to face gradual changes from this as a turning point.

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