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Rain Silves (レイン・シルヴェス) is female Northern Sergal mutant, and the Supreme Commander of the Shigu, known across Vilous as the "Great General Rain." She is one of the central characters of the canon story and by far the most famous person from the entire world setting of Vilous. There are the funny nickname "The Fluffy" for her appearance in her declining years.

Many of her physical features don't correspond to common sergals because she is completely mutant. Her golden eyes, too large build, a monstrously violent nature, and sexually deviant behavior are totally irregular features as common sergals.

She is the most widely known sergal. Due to this, all sergals have become known on the internet as existences that are having a characteristic the same as Rain, but such characteristic is generally confined to Rain, and behavior like Rain is confined to ones under her influence.

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Rain Silves
Great General Rain




Northern Sergals




Jakk (One of her son)


New Age




She is the golden-eyed mutant Northern Sergal that wears blood as face paint down from her eyes to her jaw, with dark blue or black hair across her back and white hair down her front. She has many irregular features due to her mutation, conspicuous one is the golden-eyes, and her build grow above normal. She was the first Sergal to be seen with a forked tongue, having had it was cut by her abusive mother or cut by herself as ritual that is believed to bring power.

She grew larger through her entire life because of her mutation. At age 16 she was the size of some larger sergals, but by 28 she was considerably larger than most sergals. After that, her height did not change so much, but her frame and body continued to grow larger. In her last years, she had become so obese that movement was difficult. Additionally, her fur color became decolorized, turning completely white over time. Then her nickname "The Fluffy" was given for her appearance at that time.

Rain Silves height during the war was slated to be around 210cm (7'0") circa 28RC , reaching her peak height of 230cm(7'5") in the year 40RC right before she was imprisoned.

Appearance of Rain's declining years, a.k.a "The Fluffy".

Supplement: It should be noted that Rain's age as mentioned above is in sergal age, which corresponds to human age as follows: 12 years = 16-18 years, 16 years = 22 years, 28 years = 36 years.


She has a curious, violent, brutal nature and strong lust with her sexually deviant behavior against beautiful sergal boys due to her lopsided attachment. Especially, she willingly aims to ones who have the Judda form. She can't use, can't read any text because there were no text in Northern lands. Also she was not able to use many of even verbal language in her early stage, due to Northern primitive communication culture.

Her lopsided attachment turned to only sergals, hence she had shown very low interest in other races such as nevreans and agudners. Meanwhile she and her clan Shigu pillaged many agudners as technical slaves at World War because they noticed agudners' skillful abilities, but then the victims of her personal brutality were primarily only sergals. This deep attachment was caused by her trauma; the hatred to her mother, and the love to her dead younger brother.


Known as very dauntless and brutal soldier. She unified extensive regions of planet Tal to the Eastern areas from the Northern areas while made her name known widely to all regions, as the "Great General Rain". And founded Shigu Kingdom in the Northern lands. Finally, she leave her name in the history.

After her dead, Northern people felt pity to her abuseful life, and considered her as person of a tragedy. Then some of sergals mainly Northerners will treat Rain as heroine. But there are difference of treatment for Rain, on each regions. Especially Southern people don't consider Rain as heroine so much.


She had religious, abusive mother, and beautiful, kind, sickly younger brother.

Her mother gave much abuse to Rain due to her golden eyes by mutation, had believed her eyes were bad omen, bad luck or a curse, eyes of death.

Her younger brother was beautiful, and gave many kindness to Rain. He protected Rain frequently against her mother's brute force. But he was sickly and had fragile health, he died by illness presumably after Rain fled into the forest with him.

There are Zyn the Talyxian-Associator as her adoptive father since Rain began forest life. However New Age's Zyn just did only training to Rain, didn't any talk due to Talyxian-Associator's biological feature. Zyn left from Rain, when Rain was grown up and went out from the forest.

Since she rose as Great General Rain, there are Jakk the Northern Sergal who is one of sons under her protection. But it is not revealed whether he is biological child of Rain or not.


There are many children and grandchildren who are under her protection, including adopted children. They have important role of the military and the government at dynasty last years. They are treated well in the battlefields also. And many of her biological children also have golden-eyes the same as Rain.


Rain, and Zyn the Talyxian-Associator, on Vilous Official Comic.

There are not big difference in comparison with the Old Age's.

Can read Rain's life time in a chronological table at Vilous Chronology

Rain was born to a poor village that is close to the Tal's primitive forest located on the border of Tatla desert. When Rain was a little girl of 1~8 years old, because of her mutated appearance, she was subject to discrimination by the clan and suffered violent abuse by her religious mother. Her younger brother was also born during this period.

Unable to endure the discrimination and abuse, Rain killed her mother and massacres the villagers, then disappeared into the forest with her younger brother. (There was a theory that she was around 12 years old during this event and that in reality, she didn't lend a hand when the village was attacked by forest beasts, instead leaving the village to be annihilated as she fled to the woods with her brother, etc. There are various theories.)

She carried her younger brother on her back, and flees into the forest. But presently, younger brother died by an illness presumably. At that time, the Talyxian-Associator named "Zyn" was encountered. She was taught how to live in the forest by him.

She got an abilities that accompany the "insanity of forest". As for her strategy, it was based on wolves(Talyxian-Associators)' hunting method. When she grew up and became independent, Zyn left from Rain.

Rain left the forest and backed to the villages in the Tatola area, then she turned the desire of the homesickness and the revenge (love to her younger brother, hatred to her mother) to the same race. As for her lopsided attachment to other sergals and Judda sergals, it was caused from this reason.

When she became advanced age, one of her children staged a coup the same as Old Age's. Then she was taken and was sent to be imprisoned in Gold Ring. She died by the senility in a prison. Her existence was handed down among people posthumously, and the new calendar which assumes her age the first year was established, the "Rain-Calendar".


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