Chief Events: Encounter of Southern Sergals and Agudners, Founding the origin of Gold Ring, Determination of the official race name of Agudners and Sergals.

A part of the ancient Agur (precursors to the modern Agudners) left their villages by the forests and ventured out into the southern deserts, eventually encountering the nomadic gypsy Sieg. Together they settled on the shores of a vast salt lake. This settlement would eventually grow to become Gold Ring.

During their beginning of an association, Agurs determined their race name to be Agudners, and Sieg determined their race name to be Sergals. These names were firmly determined as the official race name of them as Gold Ring language will be used as the official language of planet Tal.

Here, the Southern Sergals and Agudners drafted a constitution to formalize their everlasting cooperation and friendship.