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Vilous Fandom Wikia

The wiki is meant to host all fan-made creations made relating to the "World of Vilous" which is the science and fantasy universe created by Mick Ono and Kiki-UMA. If you are Vilous fan, you can create any pages for all types of fan creations as long as it's related to or based on the Vilous universe! Enjoy! All of this wiki's [...]

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Autkos Pipe Collaboration

A special thanks and collaborative effort between the Vilous Team and a guest artist Autko for putting together the imagery! Bone Pipes Bone pipes were originally the most common smoking-aid utensil found amongst the Northern lands. Their exact origins are still not revealed fully, however, they can be said to have already existed as far back before the Rain Calendar itself, with the advent [...]

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Ray Etherna

In two words — I am a freelance artist, passionate about my work! I spend all of my current time and resources on commercial art and projects. What more could an artist, loving art in all forms, dream of? ...But let me tell you about the Excruciating Pain of a creator, who has long-living and beloved personal projects, but is bind [...]

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Sailzane Region Project

Sailzane Region is a project that was undertaken in December 2018 to create the best virtual representation of Vilous Gold Ring in Second Life. The initiative was supported by and supplanted what was once known as Narismiral Village; a Sergal inspired village created by Krysune in late 2013. Sailzane Region features the front face of the massive Gold Ring [...]

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