Vilous Creators

Mick Ono
Mick OnoCreator

Mick Ono (ミック小野) is an artist from Japan and the original artist and visual designer for Vilous, responsible for visual and biological designs of Sergals, Agudners, Nevreans and all the other races along with many of the world’s most famous characters, including Yung Yagili, Jakk, and The Brutal General, Rain Silves. Her name was known for “Trancy MICK” in old times.

As the creators divide up the worldbuilding of Vilous, Mick focuses on artwork and visual design, while Kiki works on lore and concept.

  • Mick’s Patreon – Features mostly the artwork itself or any kind of visual information and/or medium which covers concept sketches, WIPs, design aspects, practices, real-life insights, and so on.
  • Fur Affinity Page – It had begun as her personal account and is currently functioning as a total page of Vilous official information and her various artistic activities under the management and administration of Team GRG.
Kiki CR
Kiki CRCo-Author till 2020
Kiki CR (きき), also known as Kiki-UMA, is an artist from Japan and recognized for Co-Author position within Vilous Universe.

Most if not all of the Vilous lore, canon information and story elements found within the manga comic were created by her. She has worked on Vilous as the producer and supervisor between 2014-2020 alongside Mick Ono, the main Visual artist and designer behind Vilous itself.
In addition to this, some of her Vilous ideas crossed over within her own headworld, known as “Tsukurikake”.

  • Kiki’s Patreon – Features in-depth lore concepts of Vilous Universe via the format of text or artwork as well as submissions related to her own fantasy worlds, Tsukurikake and Tenteraten.
  • Website

The World of Vilous

Vilous is a fantasy and science fiction world created by the two Japanese artists, Mick Ono and Kiki CR.

It is populated by wondrous creatures and a strange flora, with sentient species of different origin interacting with one another. Its lore has evolved over time, each time with more modern technology.

Information on the world’s canon both new and old is available in the Vilous Wiki. The wiki is in the process of being updated, but for now, why not start with a complete and updated article like Sergals?