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Talyxian wolf.

Talyxian Wolves (タリクシアンのオオカミ), commonly known as Tal's "wolves" among Eltus folks, are a species which belongs to the Talyxian organism group. In Talyxian organism biology, they are classified under Talyxian-Associator. They live in the Talyxian biome forests of located in the northern lands of Planet Tal.

They are considered as a sacred, holy animal since ancient times. As such, they are an object of faith and worship for traditional Northern people, this belief carrying over all the way to the modern era, among civilized individuals as well. The name "Zyn" means "God" itself or "The God of the Forest" in Sieg language, a common name used to call these creatures. (Not to be confused with Rain's Wolf, Zyn. The name of "Zyn" is not a unique name nor refers to a specific individual of T-wolf.)

They have a similar appearance to Talyxian Dogs, but T-wolves have totally different biology and ecology from T-dogs. And, the corroborated biological relationship between T-dogs and T-wolves has not been elucidated. As a noticeable example, T-wolves cannot reproduce and do not eat anything, however, they have long lifespans. Moreso, they cannot be domesticated by people, unlike T-Dogs.

There were considerably many wolves in ancient times. In modern times, they are an extremely rare sight. Nowadays they are treated as legendary animals from the depths of the forest.


Wolf opening their wing part.

They have wing-like foldable plates, but these do not have any sort of flight capability.

Parts of their wing-like plates have superior sharpness, They could potentially function as their weapons, seeing as Eltus people call those parts "Wolf blades".

All of them have white fur, there's no exception outside of white.

Their mouth fangs are referred to as a "horn" by Agudners while "fang" is the name Sergals usually call this body part.


They leave the forest according to the season, congregate together in their group within a place that has strong sunlight and is free from miasma, such as the Tatla, which is becoming the border. There, they enlarge the wing-like plates of their bodies and perform photosynthesis, afterward, they will return to the forest when they finish storing enough energy.

They don't eat anything although they have mouths, they will use their fangs only for killing other large-size Talyxian creatures. This type of behavior is most likely carried out as an adjustment of the wildlife population in all probability.

The blade parts on their wing-like plates can cut off Talyxian biome's tough carnivorous plants, those acts become part of the origins on why the Eltus folks practice blade worship on Tal.

Relationship with Eltus people

Rain's Zyn, from Vilous Comic Episode 2 Dark Clouds of Shigu.

Northern sergals worship wolves as "the incarnation of the forest", considering them as "a rule". Northern people consider wolves as an existence that is of a higher class than people.

Northern sergals even modeled aspects of their lifestyle after the behavior of wolves. However, they will sometimes use their corpses for accessories. Every object crafted from wolf parts holds a special spiritual significance.

One of the reasons that they cannot be made into pets by people is that because all wolves act with their own intention and seemingly pre-established purpose. Similar to the case of Rain's Zyn, as he was acting and accompanying Rain by his own intention.

Relevance with Talyxian Dogs

They show a similar appearance from Talyxian Dogs, which fall under Talyxian Associator, the same classification to T-wolves. However, the corroborated biological relationship between them has not been elucidated. Also, while sharing a common point which both of them are basically friendly existence to Eltus people, their biology and ecology show many and big differences as this article mentioned hereinbefore.

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