Bakku Tomaa
The agudner boy come from EP2, “The Dark Cloud of the Shigu”
Bakku is an original character from Mick and Kiki-UMA!
There is now a wiki article for this young agudner, including details about his backstory and the world he inhabits.

A sergal girl, and Bakku’s new friend! She’s tough-hearted, but is also a gentle lady who cares deeply for her freinds!
You can see her fur color on Kiki’s kawaii Vilous physical sticker sheet!

The sergal boy, another of Bakku’s friends! Recognizable with narrow eyes and a mild-heart, he’s an easy-going guy!
Like Elica, you can also see his fur color on Kiki’s sticker sheet!

The daredevil agudner boy who has big dreams and is ready to race forward in life!
He also is included on Kiki’s sticker sheet!

Our master butcher, Giten! Giten is an elderly sergal who is the Earth equivalent of 50 years old. He is a southern sergal that works as a butcher, a craft that deals with extracting meat and useful materials harvested from talyxian creatures.
You can see his original design concept drawn by Kiki in 2015! Check it out!
We will soon create Giten’s article on the wiki with a lot of excitement surrounding his lore!

Ahkoh is a younger male agudner who is 18 in Earth years. He works at a dye salon, where Eltus people can visit to get a new beautiful look to their appearance! Dye salons are popular in the south, especially in the city of Gold Ring. Through cultural exchange, fur dying can also be found east in the Reono areas. You can see art of Ahkoh here, and see him in action dyeing a sergal here!”