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Intermission Art

Intermission Art #12 — Tal's Trains

Here we have an unnamed sergal, riding on a train somewhere within the Shigu during the modern era.

We are happy you introduce lore pertaining to Tal's trains! Trains on Planet Tal were developed by agudner engineers after the war, with the main railway system going from Shigu all the way to Reono. They were mainly used for material transportation from Reono to Shigu and back. Afterwards, more trains and railways were developed for people within the Shigu lands mainly for personal transport.

In Gold Ring, there are tramways that connect each town or district. Due to the difficulty of laying lines down on the desert environments of the Sailzane, there will be no railways going outward from Gold Ring to foreign countries / nations such as Reono or Shigu for a long period of time. The development of underground rail systems was found to be not practical, and none are present on Tal.

The complete, detailed, and in-depth lore about Tal's train history will be published on :linkKiki-UMA:'s next Patreon update on Wednesday November 8th!

Here on the Vilous website you can only find lower resolution versions of the artwork and very small snippets of the lore. If you would like to read more in-depth lore concepts and have access to exclusive full resolution art and concept sketches, please consider supporting Mick and Kiki by becoming a $5 Patreon member.

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Artwork by Mick39 and come from Mick Ono's Patreon.

Lore by Kiki-UMA and all lore will be published on Kiki-UMA's Patreon.

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