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Daily Life of Gold Ring - Mowamowa goes the Hospital Page 4

Mowamowa's consultation went well. Mowamowa and Shirokuro found ways to entertain themselves while Mr. Yaji awaited the prescribed medicine. Shirokuro played a good deal with Mowamowa, giving her chewing gum, and singing a funny children's song to her.
It was just children's play but Shirokuro has very good manners. As their name suggests, Shirokuro (white and black) sees all actions of good or evil as clear as dividing white and black. Their straight-forward view of the world sees good and bad as unchangeable and easy to define. Their warning to Mowamowa to "Stay out of the potted plant!" was simply an observation that such activity wouldn’t be a good thing to do.

Soon after they became better friends, it was time to go. But Yaji told Shirokuro his address, making playtime meet ups for the two stalkers much easier. The mentioned “Two Maples” are located in western Gold Ring, near part of the Docos shopping mall that extends into other parts of the city.

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Notable characters from this episode, including Mr. Yaji, Mowamowa, and Shirokuro, are all found on Kiki's kawaii Vilous physical sticker sheet!

Yes, also on this sticker sheet, Shirokuro has "Mr. Squid", and Mowamowa has "Octopy-Octopus Alien"! These toys originate from Shirokuro's cute children's song shared on this page.

Shirokuro is an original character from Vilous co-author Kiki-UMA! You can see their original design concept drawn by Kiki in 2014! Check it out!

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